Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Updates Smupdates

Where in the world have I been? Well you of all people should know. I'm right here, just busy as always. I've been watching Eden of the East and just started Sore No Woto (spelling).. Eden is a pretty intrigueing show and keeps me watching and impatiently awaiting the next episode (which at this point is the last episode) and then after finishing the series I can then move on to the movies as they are released. Its rather odd to here of an anime that only has like 11 episodes and then goes straight into have (I think 3 so far) movies made from it. But oh well, kinda a cool concept if you ask me.

I have realized that I must be some kind of closet shoppaholic, cuz I haven't really bought anything lately..namely electronics, toys, or other anime merch.....AND IT'S FREAKING KILLING ME!!!!!!
I need some more hard drives, cuz I'm running out of room on mine (and the lord knows I hate to delete data for fear that I may need it again someday).. I'd like a new projector (preferably one that's high def with capable 3D compatibility, but mostly just high def)... I really really really want a new smartphone... HTC Evo comes to mind from all my months of nagging leading up to its release and then now months after that looking into other alternatives such as the G2 or the Epic, or Vibrant....I'd also like to get some sort of new media home computer to hook directly up to my living room high def DLP tv.. so that I can stop using my laptop thru HDMI to stream Netflix, Hulu, Crackle, and a wide variety of other online tv (since we've recently had out Satelite TV shut off to save money (and also to keep the kids from getting addicted to silly Nick Jr and Sprout shows 24/7) and the same with out land telephone line which we really didn't need cuz we do have cell phones (even if our current carrier has really sucky coverage in my area (even with the cheesy GPS/Internet cell phone signal boosting device that they gave us for free in hopes of keeping us as customers, which really isn't working too well right now). But anyway, I know that this world is a material one, and that we are not supposed to dwell on such objects, but it's really hard when you have such an affliction as I do. My most recent purchase being a laptop (the one that I'm currently typing all this on) was bought back in Feb this year, and curbed my thirst for a bit (but it was mainly to replace my previous one which had died on me (and of course I was able to revive it about a month ago cuz I'm cool like that) and right before I had deployed to Guam for a few months and needed a skyping tool, so I got one with Bluray capability and the WiFis and the bigger GB's..haha. But now I want more and am being torn to bits by my own self consciousness, my wife, and my overwhelming sense of "gotta do whats right" but still is not that easy..... I really want to just get a new credit card and go crazy on, Tigerdirect,, and some new cell carrier just to quench my hunger for "things".. oh yah and I've got a kegerator for my bar recently and it needs parts too...oh and beer to go in it.. damn I've got issues.. LMAO!!!! fuck off!!!!!!!.. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! JKJKJKJKJKJKJK

Hows that for an update!!!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Gimme that Good Ol' Fashioned Anime Untraviolence!

Rin - Daughters of Mnemosyne -
All I can really say is, "Its about Friggin Time!". That we've got some of that ol'skool ultraviolence that attracted soo many of us freaks to the anime subculture. Although there are soo many good anime shows out there today (new and old), there just something that makes those sick and twisted shows draw viewers to them like a moth to a flame. Not to mention that if the storytelling is enthrawling at the same time, its almost guarenteed to be a hit with us horror and pscho-thriller fans.. Well Rin does all that and then some. I just wished that it was longer.. but not really. There's always a nice charm to those gruesome thrillers that leaves you thinking omg I've just watched that, it was screwed up, and I must be just as screwed up for enjoying it.. HAAAHAAAAHAAAA.. Check it out!
And here's just a lil snapshot of what you can expect to see.. but you'll have to watch it to get the true feeling of the jacked-uppedness of this show.. Heh

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Swag Bucks!

I'm already almost to 800 SB's, moving right along.. It's freakin easy, just dont fall for any of the little adds in during the surveys.. oh and always click on the daily polls and trusted surveys and you'll get an automatic 1SB just for clicking it. Also if you do any and or all of the Special Offers, those are easy too. If you have to download and install something (for example Real Media player) you can do that totally for free and then just get the swag bucks, and then uninstall whatever it was you installed.. but always save a file to a location on your Hard Drive and then scan it for virus first.. just a precautionary measure but not really needed.
Some of the surveys are long as hell so make sure you've got time to finish them, but the rewards are a lot greater than just searching the web, and also if you go shopping online (like I do at places like Borders and Tigerdirect all the time) make sure to log into Swagbucks first, than follow the shopping links and find your store and click on the link for that shop and then log into that account and shop away. Soon as your done you've just earned some SB's.. it's really that easy.  Pretty fun and addicting too. Do a search for Swagbucks Unwrappings on youtube if you dont believe me, people are trading in their SB's all the time for real shit!.heh heh

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


OK! As you can tell by the banner I've changed the name of the blog.... I changed it back to what I always used and started as the basis for my interweb presence way back when (probably when most of you so-called otaku weren't even born yet.. and yes I am that old!). Anyway, I opened a little anime fan club site and called it Agent Anime, and that was also the name of my old anime club in St. Louis a long long time ago in a dimension far far away. Anywho..some old skool fans were giving me trouble about all the name changes I had gone through over the years, and dont even recognize me anymore.. (well so what if I am always having an identity crisis.. I cant ever decide on anything!). Oh well, so I've gone back to default.. I started out as Agent Anime, and I figured I'd go out that way.. so here it is. Some may call me Wormhole, some may call me Animehead, some may call me an Otaku, but I'll always be an Agent at heart.. So that's all I wanted to say for now.. thank you and have a nice day.. Heh

Monday, July 19, 2010

School Days.

School Days is a really good anime, and is waaaay more adult than I originally thought.. There are tons of non-visual sex scenes and exploitations.. I had no idea what to think most of the time. And then just when I was thinking of how it could all have a good, nice, happy, conclusive, explanative, logical, and not freaky ending.. It ended!. Overall it was good, and I like really good (meaning freakily weird) anime. Good luck with the ending... hahahaha.. now I got ya wonderin dont I? Well go see it!

And also check out swagbucks.. click on my swidget and lets earn together. We can get all kindsa cool stuff for free! It's real, no big deal, fun, and not a scam! Do it.. LOL

Sunday, June 27, 2010

TOY STORY 3 Spoiler!

For all the anime fans and Hayao Miyazaki fans out there. I noticed something pretty cool when watching Toy Story 3 in 3D yesterday with my 4yr old son Logan. First off I got free movie tickets when I bought the Toy Story 1 and 2 Bluray DVD combo pack from the Disney Movie Club (my main reason for joining was to get all the Miyazaki films that were available through Buena Vista/Disney), but anyway, yeah I got the tickets and the took Logan to see the movie so we could have a nice little father son day out. Now back to my point. One of the new characters I noticed in the film was in fact a toy of the Hayao Miyazaki film company Studio Ghibli's mascot character and also star of the first major animation productions.. Can you guess who it is? Here's a hint that will give it away.. Just look at the logo.. hahah.

Friday, June 11, 2010

SUMMER WARS! ! ! ! A MUST SEE! ! ! ! ! !

Summer Wars by animation studio Madhouse and directed by Mamoru Hosoda has got to be ONE OF THE BEST ANIME FILMS I'VE SEEN IN THE LAST YEAR (and maybe even longer!)!!!
I'm not going to explain how phenomenal it really is, but you just have got to see it to believe it! It has elements of everything that I find exciting in a movie anime or otherwise!.. Now just F^^Kin See It!!! I will be buying this Blu-Ray Disc for sure when it comes out here in the U.S. and you better also!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Otaku Dad and Rory Mae!

relaxing at the hospital waiting for time to go home, and oh yes, we are really friggin ready.. Come on Biliblanket!!! GET HERE ALREADY!!! GEEEEEZ!!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

More piccies!

Finally got around to uploading some pics from my Nikon Coolpix to my facebook page.. check'em out if you're my friend.. woot woot

Hospital Baby Pics Link

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Baby Oriana

She's Here!!!

Oriana Mae Smith was born June 1st 2010 at 2241 (10:41PM for you non-military types) at 7lbs 11.8oz and 20 1/2 inches. She's definately a cutey tho, and has all her parts, and is healthy. She took to feeding right away too so that was good. After almost 3 nights in the hospital from being induced, and having very little progress, the docs finally threw in the towel and decided it best to do a c-section (even though I think we had decided on that event a few times during our long long stay here...uhg). But once they got everything goin, it went well, baby was born, I stayed with baby the whole time during all the nursery stuff (weight, measurement, first bath and such) and then finally went and met up with momma in recovery and then went to our final family birthing center destination the post partum room where momma got to feed baby for the first time.. and she was hungry all right.. haha.. Anyway thanks for following this whole amazing event.. there'll be a bit more before I move back into my otaku stuff, but thanks to everyone for all the warm wishes and for following on facebook and twitter and on here as I welcomed my latest otaku family addition.. Now I'm going to drive the hour home to take a nap, get the new baby girls big bro's, grandma, and cousin, and bring them back up here to meet their new lil sissy! :o)

Oh and pics to come soon also.. so look for those.. my connection is kinda slow and I'm waay too tired to do any uploading.. sorry.. ja ne!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


No changes for so long.... no point in goin further.. we'll be goin in for a repeat c-section in just a bit (repeat cuz we had one with our 2 yr old Hunter due to a prolapsed cord).. Wish us luck everyone, and thanks for bearing with us and keeping ya'lls fingers crossed! Hopefully pics to follow soon!


Doctor came in to check and said baby was at least 4cm's and fully applied.. so he asked if she wanted to have the water he did.. and oh boy, it was like niagara falls! I'm really in the wrong location for this stuff.. if you've looked at the pics then you know where I been sitting on the couch and it's kinda at the foot of the bed.. bad place! heh heh. Oh well. Looks like we should really be getting somewhere, and may not have to have a c-section. But if that's the case, I better get into hand holding supportive mode and try and remember my daddy coached childbirth training... uh, now, what am I supposed to do?

Birth Update

Well in about an hour we'll have been here 2 whole days! But we do seem to be making progress. The contractions are getting more often and last check she was about 3cm dialated... so we're gettin somewhere.. more updates soon!


Feeling refreshed now.. Just took my first shower in almost 2 days.. I know I know, that would be an Anime Con foul.. but this is def not an anime con! I've been just sitting on this couch blogging and reading manga and online stuff.. But I started to get that icky feeling around my ears and hair, and I dont want to be icky in case the new otaku baby comes.. So I decided to get all washed up..hahahaha. I know I know TMI!!! but I'm grabbin at straws for stuff to talk about.. Guess I could talk about how much I like the Gurren Lagann manga, or how I found Paradigm Shift on Facebook.. OK, I like the G.L. manga. So on to PS.
 Paradigm Shift (PS) is a web comic that I first learned about at Otakon in Baltimore. I was walking around the Artist Alley and stopped by Dirks table. Picked up a copy, looked at it, looked pretty interesting, started to chit chat with Dirk Tiede about where I was from. I mentioned St. Louis, and that started a whole other small convo about a pretty well known and decent college in Illinois, SIUE (Southern Ill University Edwardsville) where I in fact did not attend calss, but where I did in fact know quite a few St. Louis folk that did. I bought a copy of the first issue, had Dirk sign it, took it home, read it, liked it, and put if down not to return because of similar things goin on then that are going on right now (having and trying to raise children, whilst going through school and career changes). But now that I'm pretty much online all the time these days, with a great deal of my online time being dedicated to my otaku blog and my anime and manga and toy addiction. I felt it was only fair to share this lil story with all of you (all?), since I did in fact abandon Dirks little but now growing project. Anyway it's work like Mr. Tiede's and that of Fred Gallagher (of Megatokyo fame) that gives me inspiration to at some point start my own webmanga.. but since my art skills leave much to be desired due to lack of practice and things mentioned above, I'd almost consider letting someone else do the illustrations while I write the dialogue and story..if in fact anyone would be up to something like that? Heh Heh.. Well its almost time for more coffee.. but I wanted to give a shout out to Dirk for keeping it going and to say I'm sorry for not following closer, but as anyone knows, things happen and when you have as many hobbies and as busy a life as me, some thing just get shoved in a box somewhere or on shelf only to be dug up and dusted off at a later date to realize what you've had and what you've been missing. So Thanks Dirk! Keep up the good work man! I hope to follow in your footsteps someday.. Someday when I hope to have time.. LOL.
Ok I better see if the wife needs anything.. oh wait, she's resting now... time for the coffee and more reading.. maybe even catch up with the adventures of Kate and Mike of PS.. hmmm. :o)


I just wanted to say real quick a quick shout out to all the wonderful warm welcomes and wishes from the folks on and, It means a lot to me to meet some more otaku folks out there like myself, and to share our new joy that is at this point.. still hangin out in the womb..hahaha.. But I'm sure she'll want to come out and see us sometime soon.. Thank you all. I'm sure I'll see you around the sites as I get tips on anime, figures, dollfies and other otaku culture out there..

Monday, May 31, 2010

Bored Pics

yep you guessed it.. still here at the hospital waiting for the baby to come.. geez she's being a pain by just wanting to hang out in there and keep cookin.. lol.. So anyway I took some pics to share.. enjoy!

When we first got here.

yep...she's tweeting.. LOL.. and I'm on woot!

Prego momma modeling with manga.. LOL

Me blogging, tweeting, facebooking, and being generally unproductive.. lol

That's right! I'm vaping! Cuz I do what I want!!!..
Good ol, peanut butter cup flavor nicotine!

Group B Strep???

Well we're still here in the hospital without any signs or real progression. And apparently since my wife tested positive for Group B Strep while at the dr's office awhile ago, it turns out that no matter if we have a regular birth or a c section, the baby will still have to remain in the hospital and additional 48hours after delivery for them to keep a watch over.. So not only is time ticking, but time is ticking for our at home help, and for my time off work. We've been here a whole day now, and even if we keep waiting it out, we wont be able to go home till at the very least till Thursday!  dang dog!!! I'm gonna have to go buy a whole box of Snickers I guess....cuz I aint goin anywhere for awhile!


Well, it seems that since the wife is barely dialated and this baby is just wanting to stay put (must be comfy in that womb) they decided to let her eat something. And she's soo starving too! She hadn't ate anything since yesterday afternoon at like 2:30PM! So since I went down to the caffeteria a while ago and got the bbq pulled pork I suggested against that, and suggested instead to get something like a BLT, which had just arrive a min ago, and it actually looks pretty good. Now she's sitting here chatting with the nurse about drinking and other addictive activities.. lol. Good topic for a pregnant woman. It's just making me want to run down to hooters or something and get a beer.. JKJKJK. Anyway hopefully they kick this stuff up a notch and get that baby stuff going I dont want to be here forever! And I'm sure she dont want to either, I'm anxious to get baby home to the boys, and get back to my home theatre and anime.. Hahahaha

Cant wait to introduce this new little one to the Wormhole!. LMAO
we gotta be gettin closer at least.. the contractions are finally starting to get closer and closer together..

so anyway, since there's not much I can do. I've been going thru all my twitter followers and followees..(is that right?) and either blocking all the spammers, or unfollowing the ones I have no clue who they are.. I've only been keeping the ones that are techies like myself, or animeheads also like myself.. so it's dwindling down the numbers pretty well. Which is my goal. If you follow this blog (which nobody does anyways) than you can also follow my twitter (cuz I guess that's the way the world is working these days) account and see what I'm doing all the time...hee hee.. (cuz my life is soo damn exciting!).
it's morning here and it's memorial day. We're still in the hospital waiting on baby. She's still just chillin in the womb and not wanting to come out.. so they've upped the pitocin and are hoping that kicks it up a notch. All of my kids were like this and just didn't want to come out. I have just been chillin on the fold down couch a few hours sleep and had some wacky dreams about this baby..hahaha.. Well more updates soon.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

We just finished watching (500) Days of Summer. It's after midnight and still no sign of baby.. probably wont be till sometime later when we least expect it. The movie was pretty good and I think may have inspired me to start writing again sometime soon. I dont know what it is about cheesy romantic movies that causes me to think that I could possible write something better or even make a dent in the way life and love really is or could be, but nobody will know untill we try right? LOL. The things I think of when sitting in a hospital room at 12:30 PM...hahaha.. maybe I should do this more often.. NOT!!! Come on baby...GET OUT!!! LOL
going to throw in a movie and maybe kill some time waiting on lil miss to come out.. will be back with updates in a bit

New Wormhole Addition Pt. 3

Since I dont want to keep typing out New Wormhole Addition Pt..whatever.., I'll just post with no title.

Anyway damn I knew it was gonna be freezing in this hospital room, cuz of the last 2 births with my sons. Now I'm sitting here and had to take a blanket and drape it over me to keep warm.. Wife must be warm cuz shes stuck with needles and has an entity living in her trying to get out. lol. I knew I should've brought my hoodie, and I even told myself to pack it, but it was soo damn hot outside when I was vacuuming out the cars that it totally slipped my mind to pack a jacket when I was just sweating my ass off. So now I'm sitting here freezing like a big vagina.. uhg. Anyway everything seems to be going fine so far, they started the pitocin drip just a bit ago, and her contractions seem to have picked up a bit.. We can hear the babies heart just beating right along cuz of the monitor, sounds like lots goin on in there..hahah.. she's a busy girl. (lets hope all the previous ultrasounds were right.. would hate to have a pink room for a new baby boy.. LOL. more to come as my night of sitting and watching the wife go thru this crazy thing called childbirth.. who thought of all this anyways.. hahaha.

I just ate a pop tart too, and am drinking a diet pepsi, wish I could vape right now, but the nurse is in here...dont wanna raise an eyebrow. But it would be fun to do.. LOL

New Wormhole Addition Pt. 2

I'm at the hospital, all checkin in, talked to lots of doctors and stuff, and now going to wait for the inevitable...may take awhile tho.. baby is still waaaay up there.

But in other news, I'm proving once again why it was a good idea to stop smoking and start vaping!... cuz vaping knows no bounds, not ever hospital birthing rooms..LOL...

So if you're a smoker, QUIT, and start vaping.. it's the best alternative, and is like soo cool dude.. hahaha..

New Wormhole Addition Pt. 1

Today is the day that my wife and I will be heading to the hospital to start the induction process to bring our new daughter into this wonderful world (how ironic). We leave in just under an hour or so from now, and the process will begin shortly after 6PM. More updates to come soon.......keep fingers crossed, and keep those warm wishes flowing..

Sunday, May 23, 2010


I have just realized that after following a show for almost 6 years, that my life really has no reasonable sense of meaning. People make a shitload of money by making people think endlessly about something that really means nothing...

life is meaningless, and it's all because of a stupid show. Hence the name, we are all really just Lost with no sense of direction or meaning. I suggest everyone drink the magic koolaid and hitch a ride on the next available comet.....fuck it!!!

I supposing that now that I'm in hell, I might as well find another tv show to watch to pass the time here... damn it all!!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Guys & Dolls

If any of you follow Danny Choo that you will know that he and his Otacool series is growing and growing and the word on Otaku and Japanese culture is spreading like wild fire. I actually just stumbled upon his site recently and this having been the long time anime fan that I am is very odd. But oh well, better late that never I always say. His blog, lifestyle, and work history speak for themselves. But this post isn't all about him, because you can just go to his site and follow and learn all about him. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter, etc, etc. But this post is about something else..... dolls! Yes dolls! Not Barbie or any other regular run of the mill little girls toys. But dolls that are a step above anything I've ever seen. Even to the point that I would consider owning a few of these bad ass toys myself... I mean if Danny Choo can, than why can't I? Huh? Now back off and behold the awesomeness that is DOLLPHIE !!!! and after you're done learning about that.. check out Danny's claim to fame.. here.

BTW: Buy some of my Otaku Wormhole Stuff to help me save up for a trip to Japan...yah right. But if I do earn enough I'll at least buy an anime DVD or somethin.. lol

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Otaku Wormhole Online Store!!!

Now Open!!! The Otaku Wormhole Online Store!

Get all of your Otaku Wormhole gear and accessories here. Makes for great gifts and well just cool stuff to have laying around the house..LOL.. It's not really much as far as anime or real otaku gear goes, but it is my designs, and elements from this blog, and it does go to a good cause....MY ANIME ADDICTION!!!.. LOL. JKJKJK!!!... All of the items for sale have my designs but are put together by the website Cafe Press where you can also set up a shop. I've mainly put this together just to attempt to get back some of the proceeds that I've forked out over the years with web server costs, hard drives that I've filled with anime, and overall all of the time and effort I've spent telling others and introducing them to the true Otaku culture. And I mean that's a lot. I know I've spent way more supporting the anime industry than most people, but these days I've also got a family to support. So why not try and jump on the bandwagon before the wagon leaves, and try to make back a little cash to support a habit that I dont want to let get away from me due to finances. So no pressure tho, just have a look, if you see something you like, hit it up, and I might make a very small portion from the items sold (since Cafe Press makes like 99.85652% of it.. heh heh).

Here's some of the designs I've made for the gear. Hope you like them....I do.

Some of the items available are T-Shirts, Hats, Coffee Mugs, and Thong Underwear...(Yes! You heard me right! HAA HAA HAA HAA!!!!) Soo please help a brotha out and buy some shiz here... Otaku Wormhole Online Store!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Anime St. Louis 2010

So yet another Anime St. Louis (my hometown) is getting ready to start and once again I am not in attendance due to my not having lived there in many many years.. Even if I am only 3 hours away, there's still soo many tasks at hand preventing me from going, and right now the main reason is that i'm feeling ill and dont want to go fact my whole family is walkin around with runny noses and sore throats.. But all that aside. I felt it pertinent to give the con a shout out. I wish I could make it, but if you're in the area, you should go. I'll be looking fwd to some stories from there.. ja ne.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Anime Characters for Ink

but in the meantime, I need your help.. Does anyone have any ideas on anime characters that I should incorporate into my left are tattoo sleeve? Think about it and get back to me.. I'm mostly just using classic characters that have inspired my anime addiction, but I'm open.. hahaha.

Life Rant

I haven't updated in a bit just because I've been busy since getting back home from being deployed to Guam. At first I was severely jet-lagged and it took me a few days to get my body clock back on normal time. Then there was the submersion of getting back into the swing of things with the family and catching up on some much needed housework, chores, and projects that had gone unfinished since I had left. Now we're just getting ready for our new family addition to arrive and in the mean time theres still lots of preperation even for that. Overall as anyone who has a growing family will know there is always things to do and many things go undone. A man's, husbands, dads, and extreme otaku geeks job is never done. I'm off work for a little while (which is good) so I'm trying to attack as many of those previously mentioned projects as I can, while at the same time trying to not forget who and what I am....I am the Wormhole, and on top of that I am an Otaku. Which by very definition should really mean that since I work hard and play hard (well I try anyways but since I'm getting older I'm finding it a bit harder to play as hard as I once did) I am a responsible otaku and more accurately an otaku dad (which maybe I could have called this blog, but I didn't want it to sound like a few other blogs out there). I try to do all the 'normal' things a father is supposed to do to take care of his family, but at the same time, I try to stay true to my otaku origins. I love anime, robots, technology, beer, and toys, and did I mention beer (keep an eye peeled for Otaku Wormhole Ale which I will start home brewing as soon as time permits. I know it'll be good, and a reasonable beverage choice for any otaku of my caliber. haha). Well back to my landscaping, garden planting, baby room setting up, and upgrading my basement home theatre 'the otaku den', and about twelveteen other projects I've got goin.. be back soon.. I hope

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


This wormhole was spotted a few years ago when I was out n about one day.. I think that the overall spectral magnetism causes this at times.. I'm still working on a theory that will help me to predict exact coordinates and therefor be able to capture better pictures of such dimensional rifts.
(can ya see it..look very close to the center of the picture)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring 2010 Anime Season

This Springs Anime List.. courtesy of chatfag . Isn't this an awesome chart? I found it through OtakuDans wonderful blog.. thanks Otakudan and thanks Chartfag!

I've also been working hard on a new banner, as you can see up top. It's the lovely horrible Liang Qi from the Canaan series.. Check it out, it's pretty badass. (the anime that is, well and my banner too..hahah).

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Not much goin on this weekend.. sat around and watched movies and tv and then did a BBQ with my roomates, it was some really yummy stuff. One of the movies I watched was Zombieland, and it was really good, just not as good as funny as Shaun of the Dead, but still good though. Other than that, I got nuthin, and it's back to the grind in the AM.. yay!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

My Anime Shop (Agana Shopping Center - Guam)

Found this place here on Guam today.. Did a simple Google search and located it. Talked to the proprietor there and it seems that sadly the shop is closing at the end of the month..but there will be a Convention coming up here in Mid-May..but I unfortunately will not be able to that because I will be back with my loving family by then. Anyway the folks at My Anime Shop were very nice and informative (didn't get to speak to them in length because I was pressed for time to see a movie, but will be going back for a visit soon and will hopefully strike up some freindly and nicely intellectual anime conversations with them then) and will be making my way back there soon. So here's a snapshot I took to keep this in the archives of anime places I've visited all over the world. So if My Anime Shop in the Agana Shopping Center shuts down, it will always be open in my memories and will continue to live in my history and archives.. I recommend anyone who is in the area to go by and check them out soon, and grace them with your patronage, I'm sure they would appreciate it.. Ja Ne!!! ^_^

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

island report

I'm well into my second week now on this island paradise.. and it's really too bad that I'm here and soo close to vacation-land but can't really bask in any of its glory.. some freinds and co-workers have partook on some of the scuba activities but due to my dislike of water, fish, coral, sharks, and overall fun in the salty and sunny ocean, I relunctantly passed. And instead decided to work instead and spend time in my room watching internet video's, reading manga, and money saving books. I think I may eventually venture out to the mall and see if I cant find the (supposed) anime store that's there. Speaking of witch, I'm always called anime stores, or places that sell things from the otaku genre, anime stores. But wouldn't they have a different name then that? (technically speaking of course). Maybe they could just fall under the catagory or Japanese/ Asian Subculture-(or maybe Hobby) Shops? I dont know. That just popped in my mind for some reason. Mostly because if I go there and find said store, i will in fact not really be looking for 'anime' so-to-speak, but rather anime related items.. such as Figures, Toys, Posters, etc, etc.

I guess since I dont like much in the way of sports and such, I could always take on some golfing activity, cuz I have been known to try that, and have liked it in the past.. and there is a course literally about 200 ft from me. I may try that later this week, I'll take some pics if I do.. good thing I brought a collared shirt,, hahaha.

Well more to come I'm sure.. in the meantime, here's the pics I've taken soo far.
my hooch
my village of hooches

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Well I've been here on this island for a few days now.. had to suffer a little bit at first with a bad sinus thing that was causing some massive migrain headaches, but am better now. I'm somewhat restricted to the place that I'm working at for now, but will eventually venture out as soon as I'm capable.. I'm pretty sure there is an Anime store somewhere on the island and my goal is to find that. Another thing I want to find is the micro-brewery that has a live jam band that plays there.. cuz that would rock to try a few types of locally brewed beverages while listening to some music in the style of Phish or the Dead.. of course during the times I'm located those places I'm sure I'll try and hit up some historical landmarks as well and take lots of pictures. Soon as I can do that, I'll be sure to share some here. Till than it's just work work and more work, but hey, that's what I'm here for. This is no vacation after all, and would be totally unfair to have too much fun here without my family.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


So I'm leaving tomorrow.. for my work trip/military deployment/paid vacation to a small island in the south pacific.. known for it's WWII history it's a place with a nice strategic advantage for whatever situations may arise.. I'll be there for a whole whopping two months, seperated from my family, and well, getting paid. It's a good deal, but still a huge price to pay to just try and get some bills paid down.. Just when I've gotten used to playing in my finished basement I have to leave to go sleep next to another Airman and see the same people 24/7 for the duration. But oh well it could always be worse, and I know a good amount of people that are deployed currently to not soo great locations, and I'm going to remember that and think of them and their seperated families every time I crack open a beer on the beach while watchin the sun go down (or up if I'm working a night shift or something, just depends.. LOL).. But seriously I will be thinking of those folks and sending out some good vibes to them while being thankful for what I have, the job I do, and the job those real troops do for all of us and our freedom. Cheers!  

Monday, February 15, 2010

Bloggy Blogg

Not much to talk about today.. i finally got my laptop all set up with the software that I'll be needing for awhile.. I'm going on a 2 month trip overseas and I'll need all the computer stuff I can take to help keep me occupied. I was testing out my Adobe Photoshop CS3 and made a lil update to my banner up top.. nothing too fancy just fun to mess around, only took me a few mins but still, at least i know that app works.

Oh I guess I could talk a little about my new doggy. I just got a new Pembrooke Welsh Corgi (looks just like Ein from Cowboy Bebop) and he's really cute. This would be my second Corgi and I actually named the first on Ein, and after he died I told myself I wouldn't ever get another dog, but the wife found this one through a friend that works at the local Humane Society and we just couldn't pass him up.. He actually looks more like Ein than my original Ein did, but even though they have slight differences, this new one really reminds me of the old one. So since I didn't feel like naming yet another Corgi Ein we racked our brains for about a day or two and couldn't really think of anything. So than we just blurted out names till he responded to one, and the one that worked the best was Rowlf, or Rolf, or Rolfie. But even though it's not the best name, he at least has one now.. He was just nuetured so when we got him home, the first day and a half he was walking around actin kinda dopey, but now he's getting all his energetic Corginess back in him.. and yes Corgi's are very unique in their manurisms and personality.. they do funny things sometimes for no apparent reason, but are just amusing. They are very smart, and I dont see this little guy being much of a problem training, he's only about 10-14 months old, but already acts pretty big for his age.. regardless, I can see him being a really good family pet and being with us for a long time. BTW his middle name is Ein..hahaha.. thats what my boy said, and since dogs dont usually have middle names, i thought whats the harm..., after all my son Logans middle name was based on a really good freind of mines who had passed away from a diabetic coma.. So I named my first sons middle name Vincent after my dearly departed friend.. So Rolf Ein Smith is my tribute to my first Corgi friend Ein in the same fashion.. I know, I'm weird.. LOL. Oh well. I'll post a pic of Rolf when I get around to actually taking one.. heh heh

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Ones and Zeros

I've fallen in love all over again with the fabulouse language of binary code...I've found a whole bunch of cool sites that have built in binary converters that can convert your text message to binary.. it's kinda funny cuz i've been posting my facebook status updates all in binary, and only a few freinds have caught on to the charm of the binary game I've been playing... I know, a bit childish, but hey, it helps pass the time.. heh


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Figure That Kills!!!

I dont have much to say today, so I'll just shout out my thanks to NCSX Import Video Games & Toys for showing me a figure that could literally kill, or at least some would kill for to be real and maybe go on a date with..  or somethin like that.. anyway here is Yoko

Sunday, February 7, 2010

new laptop malfuntions

well first off, my dad is out of the hospital and is doing well. He had a lil bit of cancer in his bladder and it was removed and is all good now.
My new laptop that i got to replace my older one that had a black screen of death is having problems already. The Bluray disc drive wont read a bluray or a regular DVD. It just starts up spinning, and then makes all kinds of noise while doing nothing else until i actually open it back up again and take the disc out. This is very annoying. Especially since I'm trying to get thing all done and taken care of before I deploy. I guess I'll have to call Best Buy and HP tomorrow to see whats up.. I better start getting some free shit for all this trouble I'm having with HP... tbcont

Thursday, February 4, 2010

My Dad

I took him to the ER on Monday, they had to put in a catheter and clean out his bladder cuz it was full of blood and clots causes from a few small cancerous spots. They did a procedure yesterday when they found the spots, and then soon after removed said spots, and he is now in recovery. May get out tomorrow or Saturday. His doc also told him that apparently at some point before he came into the hospital he must've had a small heart attack in which my dad was totally unaware or. Most likely from the stress of not being able to go to the restroom without seeing lots of blood. Either way, I think he'll be fine now, he's refusing to stay any longer than he has to and doesn't want to do any more testing. He thinks his heart is fine, and I pretty much believe him, mostly because he's been out hiking with his dog since my mom passed a year and a half ago. So I know he's been somewhat active for a 77yr old man.. we'll see how it all goes. Just one more reason I'm glad I moved him out to my town a few months back. Otherwise I would've had to drive 3 hours to get to him and who knows what could've happened in that amount of time..

Saturday, January 30, 2010


My faithful (mostly) HP Pavilion dv9000 notebook pc decided to go out this past wednesday. So amid my research I've found that a lot of people have had problems with this very same laptop and a few others along the same series. Well I contacted HP and even though they were running a free repair service via their extended warranty enhancement I seem to have missed out on that last Sep when it ended.. So I'm currently out shopping for a new one and will attempt a crazy fix to the old one at a later time when I'm not soo pressed for time (with my deployment coming up).. All in all a lot of people are badmouthing HP but I hadn't really had a problem with my dv9000 untill now, but I did manage to get HP to add my name to the class action case that was spurred from all the previous problems with this laptop and I did get them to give me a super duper warranty if I buy another HP product soon. And this super warranty will cover the product for about 3 years past the normal 1 yr one.. We'll see how that fairs.. I'll let ya know..

Monday, January 25, 2010

Manga Monday part duks

I finally got a day off from work, but a day off does not mean time to rest because projects are never ending. But I decided to throw out a lil bit about the latest Manga I'm reading. I picked up a few issues of Kimikiss a few weeks ago mainly because i liked the art, and yes i do have an affliction for the teenage drama manga stories, rather like the character Piro of the Megatokyo web manga does. If anyone has a problem with that, then they can go see my therapist and have a lil chat while i pull yer toenails out and sing some old Gordon Lightfoot songs to you.. just kidding. kinda.
Anyway Kimikiss is like one of those stories that has multiple parts and no real continuity to it. So no worries about a long drawn out story in the future. It's all just school boy meets girl and girl teaches him how to be a mack daddy. Totally unbelievable but probably what every young boy wishes in his most wildest dreams would happen to him (especially the shyest and geekiest of young boys that really have no chance of something like this ever happening to him, i may have fell into that borderline catagory when i was that age). Book two is where I'm at now, and i think it picks up a lil bit and is a bit more believable because the main character just so happens to meet a hot chick outside school one day practicing soccer by getting hit in the head with the ball, and then gets asked to practice with her but shows her that he too is good at soccer. Because yah this happens all the time... riiiiiight. Anyway they start hitting it off and meeting after school practicing soccer rubbing all over each other unintentionally and finally they decide to go out, oh and the hot girl has also never has a boyfreind and is the best athlete in the school but acts like its no big deal. Well besides the obviouse antics it really is a quick and enjoyable read, and it takes me back to those days when I had infatuations with girls in class, but never had the nerve to speak to them or show them how I felt and would just go home and depressed and fantasize about how things could have been different.
Well I'm going to go finish watchin Godzilla Againt Mechagodzilla with the kids..... see ya.

Friday, January 22, 2010

work work work

i just love working 12 days in a row.. yay for me..

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Got Nuthin

So as you can see I'm already gettin behind on my schedule, which btw I had said would probably happen at some point. But at least I made it one week huh? lol.
Today is what, Tuesday? Well since i already shared my latest anime tattoos, I'd just like to point out that anime and tattoos is something that I think is catching on. I've seen soo many cool ones (and some not soo cool) popping up online lately that it can only be representation of the impact that anime is having on people today. Now what I would really like to see, is somebody (an older generational figure) come forward and show an anime tattoo that they got maybe back in the late 70's or 80's of something that may have been somewhat popular in the early anime underground of the times, maybe some Space Battleship Yamoto, Star Blazers, or Macross. Anybody know anyone like this?... I guess my hunt is on then. Will report my findings later on.

Monday, January 18, 2010


So I was sittin there last night in my home theatre searching thru the archive of anime, and wanting something to watch, after about and hour and a half of viewing either first episodes or partial first episodes and having nothing catch me in just that sort of way that I like to be entranced while having a few drinky drinks. Dont get me wrong I love all anime, but for the most part, I look for ones that just make me think and totally take me away to a different place in my own chaotic mind. Canaan did just that. After the first episode, I was hooked, and thus after 5 episodes leaving me to force myself to go get some rest at the wee break of dusk.

I'm not sure what it was that entranced me soo with Canaan, whether it was the loveable and interesting characters, the twisted plot (which really isnt that twisted and at times predictable, but still keeps you watching for some reason), or just the combination of darkness and simplistic innocent humour. I guess it mimics life in a odd and warped sorta way, albeit none of the events are realistic in the slightest sense but who am I to judge that... I believe in everything..
Canaan is a female badass mercenary with some extraordinary abilities and hightened senses due to some unknown (no spoilers sorry) experiments. She was orphaned at a young age by a war in a middle eastern town and trained by an elite fighter when found. She's lived in isolation for so long but comes to find friendship with another girl named Maria who is a photographer from Japan. They meet up for a second time in Shanghai and this is where our story starts and takes off on a roller coaster ride of terrorism and conspiracy. The plot thickens and more characters and secret organizations come into play in a short amount of time, and for only being 13 episodes long, you can see how all the details just fly by and you almost have to stay entranced to catch everything.. Its Awesome and well played, so if you know of more nime like this send it my way....cuz I love this shit! 

Saturday, January 16, 2010

New Ink

Just got my Rei Ayanami tat filled in which completed my previous work in progress. And then I got a little SD Godzilla added to the mix. The design for the Gojira was actually taken from a Takara Toys tag from a plush dancing (vibrating) Godzilla toy... thought it was soo funny/cute/and cool, i just had to get it done... LOL

The Wormhole

Just thought I'd share some pics of my domian/office/workshop/


nova no more. as of Nov 09 it seems that we've lost another good torrent site. The site that replaced suprnova is now limited to only Content Distribution service. What a bummer.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Results are in....

It's A Girl!!!!
Just thought I'd share the news, that today I just found out that we'll be adding a girl as our 5th family member addition.. Mom, Dad, 2 Boys, and a Girl to round things off. And now I think we'll be done...hahaha

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

It's Tattoosday

On Tuesdays from now on (or at least whenever I can get around to it) I like to share some info and pics of anime tattoos that I've either had done myself or have found online. Today I'll start off this trend by sharing my anime tats and what inspired each one to get done (other than the fact that I'm just that into anime, which by the way i think traditionally is a silly idea just to get a tattoo). Originally I was always under the belief that if I were to get ink done, it would really have to be something that i was into and would have to be into forever (which is also something I've always been skeptical of because we as people are always changing) and just simply something with a lot of meaning to it. But last I checked I'm in my mid 30's and have been into anime for over 15 years and I really dont think i'll be giving up on it or passing it by as if it were only a 'phase' or something, and also since it has been my biggest and most costly hobby hus far (aside from computers). I finally came to the conclusion that I wanted a tattoo, and wanted one pretty badly, so the only thing I felt worthy of being permanently scribed on my body was you guessed it, ANIME. So here's the pics and I'll leave the explaining to later, or i think I've pretty much explained that I'm just into anime that much so even tho each tat has it's own unique meaning I'll just leave it as that for now.

My Chibi Dinobot Grimlock (right arm)

My Gundam Girl (left arm)
My Ghost In the Shell inspired A.I. tribal tat (right leg)
start of my left arm anime collage design

a bit filled in but not finished yet

Monday, January 11, 2010

Manga Monday

Alive: The Final Evolution is one of those manga that starts out like a typical high school comedy than turns to a deeper dark sci-fi plot (while still maintaining the occasional light hearted quirky humor). I've read the first two rather quickly because when it's a story like this I just get totally sucked in (even more so that with just any mange). I wont go into detail, but I will say that this manga will have me reading till they stop printing it. Its a keeper and def worthy of the manga book shelf. Apparently when doin a bit of research they were going to make an anime adaptation of it, but it was cancelled, which blows, cuz I woulda checked it out right away. This story I can say has everything that I was expecting from that M. Knight movie starring Marky Mark (the Happening) but was sadly dissappointed. I mean when theres a possible freaky story that involves mass worldwide suicides by some unknown cause. I strangely get interested.. probably that unknown factor that leads us to want to know whats 'happening' in a story. So check out Alive: The Final Evolution, you wont be dissappointed.

Alive the anime cancelled due to the company's economic problems according to wiki.
You can get a sneak peak here. But do me a favor and support that anime and manga industry by purchasing licensed release copies for your book shelf.