Monday, January 11, 2010

Manga Monday

Alive: The Final Evolution is one of those manga that starts out like a typical high school comedy than turns to a deeper dark sci-fi plot (while still maintaining the occasional light hearted quirky humor). I've read the first two rather quickly because when it's a story like this I just get totally sucked in (even more so that with just any mange). I wont go into detail, but I will say that this manga will have me reading till they stop printing it. Its a keeper and def worthy of the manga book shelf. Apparently when doin a bit of research they were going to make an anime adaptation of it, but it was cancelled, which blows, cuz I woulda checked it out right away. This story I can say has everything that I was expecting from that M. Knight movie starring Marky Mark (the Happening) but was sadly dissappointed. I mean when theres a possible freaky story that involves mass worldwide suicides by some unknown cause. I strangely get interested.. probably that unknown factor that leads us to want to know whats 'happening' in a story. So check out Alive: The Final Evolution, you wont be dissappointed.

Alive the anime cancelled due to the company's economic problems according to wiki.
You can get a sneak peak here. But do me a favor and support that anime and manga industry by purchasing licensed release copies for your book shelf.

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  1. i'm following this manga since 2 years ago. i decided to grab the printed version coz the cover art is quite artistic in my opinion. so far this series stuck @ Vol 17. does the writer take a vacation, or is it our local publisher whos at fault, i dont know for sure.

    BTW, nice blog here, mate! love your tattoos, hee! ;D