Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Got Nuthin

So as you can see I'm already gettin behind on my schedule, which btw I had said would probably happen at some point. But at least I made it one week huh? lol.
Today is what, Tuesday? Well since i already shared my latest anime tattoos, I'd just like to point out that anime and tattoos is something that I think is catching on. I've seen soo many cool ones (and some not soo cool) popping up online lately that it can only be representation of the impact that anime is having on people today. Now what I would really like to see, is somebody (an older generational figure) come forward and show an anime tattoo that they got maybe back in the late 70's or 80's of something that may have been somewhat popular in the early anime underground of the times, maybe some Space Battleship Yamoto, Star Blazers, or Macross. Anybody know anyone like this?... I guess my hunt is on then. Will report my findings later on.

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