Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Okay, so I'm feeling a bit behind the anime curve ball these days with all the family and career developments and situations the last year or so. But regardless it is Wednesday and I'm sticking to my schedule I laid out a few posts back.. remember? ok well let me refresh yo mems..
Mondays = Mangaday
Tuesdays = Tattoosday
Wednesday = (nothing rhymes with wednesday so I'll talk about whatever comes to mind)
Thursday = Toys (I'll think of something that rhymes later LOL)
Friday = Anime (again, cool rhymie name later)

Ok now we got that outta the way.. I need to talk about something. I follow a few other blogs and look at anime figurine sites and been seeing this lil cute white robot... chick? I mean well it's imistably a girl robot, and it is cute, so I looked into what it was from. Drossel is her name and Fireball is the game, er rather the anime, er rather the 3D CGI anime, er and well on top of being anime it's actually a Disney affiliated project.
So since when has there been a Disney Anime? And I've been into anime since Speed Racer was on TV (well maybe syndicated repeats of Speed, but I was an avid fan of anime when Voltron and Robotech was airing on local networks, see now I'm showing my age), but anyway this is a real turn of events for me. For the longest time I was really anti-Disney (not anti in such a negative sense, but more like I wouldn't go out of my way to see a Disney film, but journey across the city on icy snow built up roads searching out small mom and pop video rental stores for a decent anime selection, (and the quickly running back home to make VHS copies of those tapes rented, and yes i still have all those VHS, some of them reaching the almost old enough to drive age). Okay back on track, sorry I tend to ramble when trying to reach a point, the need for back story always tends to go overboard.
So Fireball is this CGI Toei / Disney Anime, and it's rather good for what it is. And what I mean by that, is that it really doesn't have any story to it, it's no longer than one of our longest tv commercials, but for what it is, it's rather catchy. Quirky, Funny, and Cute, and more importantly its Japanese, and well it's Disney too. Could this be (for me anyways) the merging of two completely distinct styles? Dont get me wrong, I know that Disney has productions everywhere and all countries probably have a Disney Channel of some sort and all that blah blah blah, but for some reason this combining of culture and the art of animation and the business of anime just kinda caught me off guard. I dont know why, but hmmm, am i the only one?

Anyway check out "Fireball" it's easy and really fast to watch, and easy to decide if you like it or not. And I'm guessing that if you're anything like me, you'll dig it. Now I've got to go and order that damn figure, before they're totally sold out of them.. lol

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