Sunday, January 16, 2011

Back to School

So I've decided to go back to school for what I don't know but at least I'm going. I decided to take a speech and a psychology class this term. My classes are only 8 weeks long and two classes are worth 6 credits so this qualifies as full time and so I should get my full GI Bill payment. Which will really help me out. Now I just have to deal with the whole going back to school anxiety of worrying about assignments being due and doing lots of research and also writing papers in the correct format.
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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!!!

Well 2010 was a pretty interesting year for me...lots of chaos, started off okay with a deployment to Guam, then getting back and dodging bill collectors, but then my baby girl Oriana was born adding the 3rd to my ever growing Smith clan, and things all seemed okay for a bit. Then I went and got a Vasectomy after deciding 3 kiddies is enough for me, and ended up in more pain than I thought possible from a simple procedure that is done every day for thousands if not millions of already happy customers, and then towards the end Dad almost dying from congestive heart failure, getting a stint put in, than getting some random new pain in his right leg (heart unrelated at this point), he went back into the hospital, and now is in a nursing home waiting for other docs to figure out what's wrong with him. So, uh.. yah, it's been busy. (and this is not to mention all the other huge projects I had going on, like staining the deck, building a fort for the kids in the backyard, having the truck break down numerous times, and then moving around at work from office to office, shop to shop, just to get settled into one work environment and then to be up and moved to another, what a pain).

So anyway, resolutions? I thought of a bunch just yesterday after struggling to even care about making any for the last week or so since Christmas....but then I was soon to forget today. I was thinking that one of them would be to try an be more optimistic and get a little back to my creative roots, maybe join a club, form a club, or just get people into anime, or if they're already into anime, get them to watch some with me. Or something like that. Either way I do know I need to come on here and post more updates, especially after I watch more cool anime shows, buy more cool figures, or do anything anime related. I think maybe I'll go back to school as well (but I know if I do that I'll definitely be more absent from my blog or my overall internet presence) seeing as my GI Bill is getting ready to run out, cant believe they only give you 10 yrs to use that damn thing, and I wasted all of but about 14months of it.. good lord I could've had a degree ages ago, but alas I was just fine working at the time. Oh well....enough complaining.. that should be another resolution, haha. Happy New Year!!! I hope this one is fairly uneventful, but who my kidding? Fuck it! Keep Rocking On People!!!