Monday, May 31, 2010

Bored Pics

yep you guessed it.. still here at the hospital waiting for the baby to come.. geez she's being a pain by just wanting to hang out in there and keep cookin.. lol.. So anyway I took some pics to share.. enjoy!

When we first got here.

yep...she's tweeting.. LOL.. and I'm on woot!

Prego momma modeling with manga.. LOL

Me blogging, tweeting, facebooking, and being generally unproductive.. lol

That's right! I'm vaping! Cuz I do what I want!!!..
Good ol, peanut butter cup flavor nicotine!

Group B Strep???

Well we're still here in the hospital without any signs or real progression. And apparently since my wife tested positive for Group B Strep while at the dr's office awhile ago, it turns out that no matter if we have a regular birth or a c section, the baby will still have to remain in the hospital and additional 48hours after delivery for them to keep a watch over.. So not only is time ticking, but time is ticking for our at home help, and for my time off work. We've been here a whole day now, and even if we keep waiting it out, we wont be able to go home till at the very least till Thursday!  dang dog!!! I'm gonna have to go buy a whole box of Snickers I guess....cuz I aint goin anywhere for awhile!


Well, it seems that since the wife is barely dialated and this baby is just wanting to stay put (must be comfy in that womb) they decided to let her eat something. And she's soo starving too! She hadn't ate anything since yesterday afternoon at like 2:30PM! So since I went down to the caffeteria a while ago and got the bbq pulled pork I suggested against that, and suggested instead to get something like a BLT, which had just arrive a min ago, and it actually looks pretty good. Now she's sitting here chatting with the nurse about drinking and other addictive activities.. lol. Good topic for a pregnant woman. It's just making me want to run down to hooters or something and get a beer.. JKJKJK. Anyway hopefully they kick this stuff up a notch and get that baby stuff going I dont want to be here forever! And I'm sure she dont want to either, I'm anxious to get baby home to the boys, and get back to my home theatre and anime.. Hahahaha

Cant wait to introduce this new little one to the Wormhole!. LMAO
we gotta be gettin closer at least.. the contractions are finally starting to get closer and closer together..

so anyway, since there's not much I can do. I've been going thru all my twitter followers and followees..(is that right?) and either blocking all the spammers, or unfollowing the ones I have no clue who they are.. I've only been keeping the ones that are techies like myself, or animeheads also like myself.. so it's dwindling down the numbers pretty well. Which is my goal. If you follow this blog (which nobody does anyways) than you can also follow my twitter (cuz I guess that's the way the world is working these days) account and see what I'm doing all the time...hee hee.. (cuz my life is soo damn exciting!).
it's morning here and it's memorial day. We're still in the hospital waiting on baby. She's still just chillin in the womb and not wanting to come out.. so they've upped the pitocin and are hoping that kicks it up a notch. All of my kids were like this and just didn't want to come out. I have just been chillin on the fold down couch a few hours sleep and had some wacky dreams about this baby..hahaha.. Well more updates soon.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

We just finished watching (500) Days of Summer. It's after midnight and still no sign of baby.. probably wont be till sometime later when we least expect it. The movie was pretty good and I think may have inspired me to start writing again sometime soon. I dont know what it is about cheesy romantic movies that causes me to think that I could possible write something better or even make a dent in the way life and love really is or could be, but nobody will know untill we try right? LOL. The things I think of when sitting in a hospital room at 12:30 PM...hahaha.. maybe I should do this more often.. NOT!!! Come on baby...GET OUT!!! LOL
going to throw in a movie and maybe kill some time waiting on lil miss to come out.. will be back with updates in a bit

New Wormhole Addition Pt. 3

Since I dont want to keep typing out New Wormhole Addition Pt..whatever.., I'll just post with no title.

Anyway damn I knew it was gonna be freezing in this hospital room, cuz of the last 2 births with my sons. Now I'm sitting here and had to take a blanket and drape it over me to keep warm.. Wife must be warm cuz shes stuck with needles and has an entity living in her trying to get out. lol. I knew I should've brought my hoodie, and I even told myself to pack it, but it was soo damn hot outside when I was vacuuming out the cars that it totally slipped my mind to pack a jacket when I was just sweating my ass off. So now I'm sitting here freezing like a big vagina.. uhg. Anyway everything seems to be going fine so far, they started the pitocin drip just a bit ago, and her contractions seem to have picked up a bit.. We can hear the babies heart just beating right along cuz of the monitor, sounds like lots goin on in there..hahah.. she's a busy girl. (lets hope all the previous ultrasounds were right.. would hate to have a pink room for a new baby boy.. LOL. more to come as my night of sitting and watching the wife go thru this crazy thing called childbirth.. who thought of all this anyways.. hahaha.

I just ate a pop tart too, and am drinking a diet pepsi, wish I could vape right now, but the nurse is in here...dont wanna raise an eyebrow. But it would be fun to do.. LOL

New Wormhole Addition Pt. 2

I'm at the hospital, all checkin in, talked to lots of doctors and stuff, and now going to wait for the inevitable...may take awhile tho.. baby is still waaaay up there.

But in other news, I'm proving once again why it was a good idea to stop smoking and start vaping!... cuz vaping knows no bounds, not ever hospital birthing rooms..LOL...

So if you're a smoker, QUIT, and start vaping.. it's the best alternative, and is like soo cool dude.. hahaha..

New Wormhole Addition Pt. 1

Today is the day that my wife and I will be heading to the hospital to start the induction process to bring our new daughter into this wonderful world (how ironic). We leave in just under an hour or so from now, and the process will begin shortly after 6PM. More updates to come soon.......keep fingers crossed, and keep those warm wishes flowing..

Sunday, May 23, 2010


I have just realized that after following a show for almost 6 years, that my life really has no reasonable sense of meaning. People make a shitload of money by making people think endlessly about something that really means nothing...

life is meaningless, and it's all because of a stupid show. Hence the name, we are all really just Lost with no sense of direction or meaning. I suggest everyone drink the magic koolaid and hitch a ride on the next available comet.....fuck it!!!

I supposing that now that I'm in hell, I might as well find another tv show to watch to pass the time here... damn it all!!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Guys & Dolls

If any of you follow Danny Choo that you will know that he and his Otacool series is growing and growing and the word on Otaku and Japanese culture is spreading like wild fire. I actually just stumbled upon his site recently and this having been the long time anime fan that I am is very odd. But oh well, better late that never I always say. His blog, lifestyle, and work history speak for themselves. But this post isn't all about him, because you can just go to his site and follow and learn all about him. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter, etc, etc. But this post is about something else..... dolls! Yes dolls! Not Barbie or any other regular run of the mill little girls toys. But dolls that are a step above anything I've ever seen. Even to the point that I would consider owning a few of these bad ass toys myself... I mean if Danny Choo can, than why can't I? Huh? Now back off and behold the awesomeness that is DOLLPHIE !!!! and after you're done learning about that.. check out Danny's claim to fame.. here.

BTW: Buy some of my Otaku Wormhole Stuff to help me save up for a trip to Japan...yah right. But if I do earn enough I'll at least buy an anime DVD or somethin.. lol