Thursday, May 20, 2010

Guys & Dolls

If any of you follow Danny Choo that you will know that he and his Otacool series is growing and growing and the word on Otaku and Japanese culture is spreading like wild fire. I actually just stumbled upon his site recently and this having been the long time anime fan that I am is very odd. But oh well, better late that never I always say. His blog, lifestyle, and work history speak for themselves. But this post isn't all about him, because you can just go to his site and follow and learn all about him. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter, etc, etc. But this post is about something else..... dolls! Yes dolls! Not Barbie or any other regular run of the mill little girls toys. But dolls that are a step above anything I've ever seen. Even to the point that I would consider owning a few of these bad ass toys myself... I mean if Danny Choo can, than why can't I? Huh? Now back off and behold the awesomeness that is DOLLPHIE !!!! and after you're done learning about that.. check out Danny's claim to fame.. here.

BTW: Buy some of my Otaku Wormhole Stuff to help me save up for a trip to Japan...yah right. But if I do earn enough I'll at least buy an anime DVD or somethin.. lol

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