Sunday, May 30, 2010

New Wormhole Addition Pt. 3

Since I dont want to keep typing out New Wormhole Addition Pt..whatever.., I'll just post with no title.

Anyway damn I knew it was gonna be freezing in this hospital room, cuz of the last 2 births with my sons. Now I'm sitting here and had to take a blanket and drape it over me to keep warm.. Wife must be warm cuz shes stuck with needles and has an entity living in her trying to get out. lol. I knew I should've brought my hoodie, and I even told myself to pack it, but it was soo damn hot outside when I was vacuuming out the cars that it totally slipped my mind to pack a jacket when I was just sweating my ass off. So now I'm sitting here freezing like a big vagina.. uhg. Anyway everything seems to be going fine so far, they started the pitocin drip just a bit ago, and her contractions seem to have picked up a bit.. We can hear the babies heart just beating right along cuz of the monitor, sounds like lots goin on in there..hahah.. she's a busy girl. (lets hope all the previous ultrasounds were right.. would hate to have a pink room for a new baby boy.. LOL. more to come as my night of sitting and watching the wife go thru this crazy thing called childbirth.. who thought of all this anyways.. hahaha.

I just ate a pop tart too, and am drinking a diet pepsi, wish I could vape right now, but the nurse is in here...dont wanna raise an eyebrow. But it would be fun to do.. LOL

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