Monday, May 31, 2010


Well, it seems that since the wife is barely dialated and this baby is just wanting to stay put (must be comfy in that womb) they decided to let her eat something. And she's soo starving too! She hadn't ate anything since yesterday afternoon at like 2:30PM! So since I went down to the caffeteria a while ago and got the bbq pulled pork I suggested against that, and suggested instead to get something like a BLT, which had just arrive a min ago, and it actually looks pretty good. Now she's sitting here chatting with the nurse about drinking and other addictive activities.. lol. Good topic for a pregnant woman. It's just making me want to run down to hooters or something and get a beer.. JKJKJK. Anyway hopefully they kick this stuff up a notch and get that baby stuff going I dont want to be here forever! And I'm sure she dont want to either, I'm anxious to get baby home to the boys, and get back to my home theatre and anime.. Hahahaha

Cant wait to introduce this new little one to the Wormhole!. LMAO

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