Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!!! 2010 is here!!!

Testing my mobile blogger device

Happy New Year.. I'll be tracking my new years eve from my mobile device.. Right now I'm sitting on the coach watching Terror of Mechagodzilla with Logan and all of our Build a Bear Dino buddies after a failed attempt to play Chutes and Ladders.. ,momma got sent out for chinese and the Godzilla Unleashed game for Wii, I plan on drinkin some beer and hopefully playin Wii tonight while waiting for the ball to drop in NY.. Fun fun


I'm going to be using many ideas from my childhood and now my oldest boys childhood as references in some of my wacky creativity this year. I'm also thinkin about gettin a big Mothra tattoo... ;o)

The New Year is coming..

and it's time for me to get serious about this mutha flippin blog.. I really need a creative outlet, and I feel I have soo much to say and do that maybe if I expressed myself more often I wouldn't run into the problems that I'm often faced with on a daily basis.. So I suppose my new years resolution is to be more creative and try to do something this year that I been meaning to do for a long time. Some of the things I've been meaning to do are as follows (and not in any particular order):
Record Some Music
Create a Web Manga
Create Animation
Create a killer Beer Recipe (well not really, but just making beer, any beer is high on my to do list)

So there you have it, I have to do at least one of those things (it'll probably be the beer because everything else is way to in depth, not to say that making beer isn't a heavy task or anything, but probably not as heavy or burdening than the others. Mostly because making beer has some sort of directions or recipes and creating a song, comic, or animation from scratch has a recipe that I'm totally unaware of until I just do it/learn it) before the end of the year.
And since I have a blog, it would probably motivate me more to keep dibs on my progress and help in actually getting something done, or untill at least I just put everything off like I always do. I always have good intentions, but it's the follow through thats the problem.. we'll see how it all goes.. keep your fingers crossed for me... thanks.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

If you like cheese remember that time and space is only a bowl of cereal away, and cheese is like ice
Happy Holidays to everyone! Try not to kill yerselves or do any damage to other peoples brain cells by talking to them in a low tone too much, and btw..........

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I can't believe it's almost Christmas again, we zipped right thru Halloween, and THanksgiving, and now we are rapidly approaching the day which is probably the most anticipated day all year. I'm watching the new Disney Christmas special on ABC "Prep and Landing" and it's pretty good, or at least the animation looks good and for a new seasonal special it really works. I mean in a world full of commercialism and lack of the old school true holiday spirit, it seems there may still be some home in this world..... or not.. whatever. Happy Kwanzaa everybody!!!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Test email

just testing this mail2blog thing to see if it works from my Palm... We'll see

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Turkey Day!!!

Hey everybody, I just want to wish a Happy Thanksgiving to you all!!! Eat lots of and take lots of turkey induced naps.. lol

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Movies Movies Movies

I finally had a night to just relax, drink some beer, and watch some movies to just kind of recoup from the events over the last week just following my brothers passing. It's been a painful week of emotions, sibling rivalry, misconceptions, an idiocy, but I think we made it thru it okay. I think the moral of the story is that whatever happens, happens, but if theres a way to make what happens be the best way for things to happen and for the right reasons, then it sure as hell better count for something. And if not well than at least it leaves me with a feeling of accomplishment or something to that affect.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Allen W Smith

As some of you may know, my brother Allen W Smith passed away on Sat 7 Nov, and the family is asking that in lew of flowers if anyone is wanting to espress sympathy that they please make a contribution to the
Cremation Society of Kansas City & Missouri you can mail checks to
8837 Roe Ave, Prairie Village, Kansas 66207
or for a more expediant way you can call with a credit card to 913-383-9888.
Any sympathy cards may be mailed to 1215 S. Mildred Blvd. Sedalia, MO 65301 and the expression and sentiment will be shared amongst the family. Thank you in advance for your prayers and warm sentiments during this time of mourning.
Unfortunately my brother Allen did not have any life insurance policy and was living on social security and in subsidized housing.
Allen was preceeded in heaven by his Mother Evelyn and brother John and is survived by his children Angel, Michael, Dillon, and John that reside in St. Louis with his ex-wife JoEllen and their step dad Anthony, his father Richard, his loving siblings Emily, Charles, Mark, Matthew, and Christine. He was also a devoted Uncle to all of his neices and nephews.

Allen W Smith

Allen W Smith

Allen W Smith

Allen W Smith

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Family Death

Today was yet another fucked up day in the life of the Wormhole Animehead such is I. My brother Allen an ex-crackheaded family vacating rehab graduate living on a disability check and working under a government assisted program job with one of my other brothers in a suburb of Kansas city has passed away this morning. He was my 3rd oldest brother and really had some problems in life, he never did have it easy, and if anyone would've guessed how things would turn out for his life, they probably wouldnt be too far off from what actually happend today and over the last few years. I think though as a brother it is my duty to say that his life over the last few years had made a complete 180. He may have gained an enormouse amount of weight from the lack of drugs in his system but his mind had reverted almost back to the point of a young autistic and innocent teen. Very polite and considerate and low toned and smiley. Who knows where his mind could've been when he was around and quiet. But he seemed to be there when talking. Everyone makes mistakes, and I'm sure a lot of us learn from them and some of us just get by without ever realizing the consequences of our actions. I now wish you the peace in death that you never could have had in life my brother. Rest in Peace.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


It's a sad day today because i have just learned that one of my all time favorite local rock bands is dispersing. Fragile Porcelain Mice has been a long time act in the local St. Louis area. I'm 33 now and I remember seeing them play back when I was like 16 or 17.. they were a class act as well (especially if you liked mosh pitting, lol). They had a different sound but it was a good one, and definitely one you could totally rock out to. They will surely be missed, and their 4 albums will be cherished and blasted for years to come.. So long guys, hopefully see you around town.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


well i got a bunch of outside stuff done today, the last bit of landscaping with what things i had at my disposal. still lots to do but can wait for the right season to do it. hopefully it was the last bit of lawn mowing and weed whacking, anything more that may need to be down can be done on the tractor. I then went down to the office and started sorting out the action figure wall. I opened a bunch of figures that I'd been waiting to open for about 2-3 years just for the purpose of having a place to properly display them (yes I'm kinda like the 40yr old virgin, cept i'm not a virgin, and i do take some figures out of their packages. well especially if i have duplicates to keep mint, lol.).
Now I'm watchin The Nightmare Before Christmas again with Logan. Such a good flick to help me in my process of desensitizine the youth while parenting.... lol. (well at least it's not Evil Dead or Exorcist, (in which i'm still messed up from.). I'm drinking a few Saisons and feelin pretty good, and should be able to sleep well enough when time to put Logan down, we'll see though, movies about over. Good night all, and to all a good night.....or rather night after Holloween.. hahaha

Friday, October 30, 2009


well all my plans are pretty much screwed for the next few weekends.....nice

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Well I had to work really late today, and now have more responsibility than I've ever had in a job. But now that holloween is gettin closer, I'm really glad I can spend time with the kids tonight while mamma is locked in the bedroom doing homework or a test on something. We're getting to share in the super awesome retro cartoon quality entertainment that I always looked forward to as a kid, Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown.. How can anyone not like the World War I Ace Snoopy? It's just soo classic. Especially that part where he's flying atop his doghouse and gets shot down over France and makes a glorious crash landing and surives to fly and fight another day.... ahh those were the days..

Friday, October 23, 2009

work work work

Well I finally made it through the 12 days of work, and just got done with a 3 hour drive at night from home to St. Louis.. back again to help my dad out. Hopefully will be the 2nd to last weekend of this. Can't wait to just move on with life. It's been pretty strenyous the last few months of dealing with all this, but the light at the end of the tunnel is very much so getting brighter as I approach it closer and closer. Things will be soo much better soon i believe. I will hopefully be able to go back to work on some of my projects (other than keeping up with this and my other blog and my web design learning hobby). Some of the projects that have been getting away from me are setting up my entertainment area in my downstairs basement bar and office. I have yet to set up my projector for the home theatre and the surround sound (in which I personally wired up before the drywall was even in stalled, using 16 gauge speaker wire) and the laptop based music sharing over the LAN. The idea is a total pc network media driven entertainment system split off from the server so that anywhere in the home i can live stream any music stored in the shared drive and any video file also shared in the terrabytes of storage I have.. that means endless and seamless anime feeds. Oh yes it will be done if its the last thing I do. And also as I'm getting into setting up the server, I'm thinkin about automating the home while I'm at it with voice recognition software to run the A/C, the Alarm/Home security system, and even the entertainment portion (but that will come way later i'm sure, I still need to setup the server and reconfigure my office/animation studio). Well it seems like a lot and it is, but well at least its good to dream huh? I guess it's all in due time I suppose, but first things first, the task at hand.
I also need to make some time to get my ink done also, have lots of areas to fill in on my upper left arm half sleeve design...can't wait. that's all for now.

Friday, October 16, 2009


Well it's now day 6 of the 12 day work hostage crisis... Sucks but somebodies gotta do it. Ya know being a reserve in the military while working full time as a civilian in a uniform has it's priviledges but working straight thru for 2 weeks is not my idea of fun. But it pays well. I think I may just buy myself something nice for doing such a good job... hahaha... whatever. Gonna have a party tomorrow though so hopefully that brings a lil fun into my sad lil wormhole of a life... mmmkay...bye bye.. hahaha

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I forgot lotion for my new tat.. Now its gonna dry out an get all yucky an itchy.. Damn it all to Hell!!!! Grrrr..


Found a Spider on my back deck.. it spun a web from across the back deck porch light up to the gutter just above the back sliding screen door. I dont know what kind it is, but I suppose it's just a common wood or garden spider. But I did manage a few closeup pics of it..

Monday, October 12, 2009

Rockin some ol Foo of da Fight
I'm almost more sick of this drive 3 hrs between StL an Sedalia than I was of the 18hrs between StL an Maryland..blah
Drivin drivin drivin

Friday, October 9, 2009


Another weekend has arrived, well at least it has for me. I have today off work as well as Monday for Columbus Day. Again I have to go to St. Louis to help my dad out. I got his car fixed so I have to take him to get it (then he wont be out of transportation). I still have to help him get rid of the rest of the stuff in his house so we can get some more cash to help him out with the move and transition to my small town.

I've also been working alot on gettin this site to be fully wordpress integrated so I can start getting some feedback, and start holding real discussions one real topics of interest.

Todays topic of interest is ink. I've been getting tattooed this past year as you may or may not know. I have 3 so far, and hope to have 9 by the end of the year (9 for 2009 in which I am quickly running out of time). I have a lot or ideas, and a bunch of photoshop edits of images that I like. I'm thinking the 9 may just turn into a sleeve on my left arm..which would be fine by me, I mean, why not? I never really been into tats as much as I am now, but let me tell ya (for those that dont have any yet) Once you go under the buzzing needle, you cant wait to go back. And this is probably because of a lot of reasons. Why get graffiti all over your body (as some would say may be desecration of the body the temple), well that's easy. If you appreciate good art, and you see the human body as a blank easel, then getting tattooed just gives you the excuse to always look at good art, and as such, looking for the right design by researching thousands of images that interest you can be half of the enjoyment of getting ink put under your skin. Life is short, art is beautiful, the human body is beautiful, and a beautiful body with beautiful art can only be twice as beautiful. Not to mention its just plain fun. So do it! Get some ink! But beware it's addicting.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Not much to report today! Got a haircut. LOL

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Had the most amazing story inspiring dream last night. About a prisoner escaping the most awful tormenting prison world and then later realizing it was not real

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Now my damn eye seems to have a damn hive on it! Ruined my contact and won't stop itchin! Can only halfway see anything! Holy Shit Balls!!!!
come with me, and you'll be, in a world of pure imagination... Got that song stuck in my head for some reason.
Oh and did I mention constipation! Not that ya'll wanted to hear that, but hey, its an open format here so no worries...hahaha...errrrr.. What is wrong with me!
The nasty hives that seemed to be subsiding yesterday were just giving me a break before again moving to other parts of my body. My feet were burning off!!!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Well almost a day an a half later and several outbreaks later the nasty rash (that turned out to be hives) is subsiding.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

WTF, I just woke up from Logan bed, it was like 12:45AM and I went in the kitchen got some water, sat down at the laptop and couldnt stop itching for some reason. I look under my arm and noticed some red bumps, than to my shock I noticed a large red patch and then started inspecting other areas. I'm all broke out all over, all cracks and crevices and even on my wrists!!!.. Must be somekind of allergic reaction to something, Water? Cat Food? Logan? Logans bed? What the Hell!!! This kinda shit never ceases to amaze me.. Sheesh I mean seriously! Can't I just have a normal day without somekind of drama or cataclysmic event, or am I just overreacting. BTW The wife is prego again! :o)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Had some of those crazy ass Tornado dreams again last night.. It'd been awhile since havin one, so I was kinda surprised. Really vivid.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Today I am having to do research on finding my dad a place to live. I'm looking into assisted living and cheap furnished apartments in my small town area. If I get him to move out here closer to me, than I'll be able to at least keep a better eye on him and his finances. I have a few leads already, and things in a small town seem a lil bit easier to figure out than the big city. Did you know that there is no more section 8 in the city of St. Louis? There is only assisted living under a different kind of income based plan (which I thought was the same thing?) but it's not called section 8 anymore. Weird, but thats what the housing authority said. They also mentioned that it would be easier in a different area, (which is fine, because I know a lot of the places that could be available in the city are not in the best of neighborhoods, and I wouldn't want my dad just wondering around out there). But if I bring him out here, at least I'll know what he's doin all the time without actually havin him live with me (which would not be good).
I'm also having to do research on my cars warranty information, cuz since moving i have no idea where any of that paperwork is at, and the car is leaking coolant from somewhere and overheated the other day, so it is in need of some kinda check up. I know I'm a guy and a former aircraft mechanic, but did I ever mention I HATE WORKIN ON CARS!!!.. LOL.. (unless it's somethin simple, like changin wiper blades, a battery, a small sensor or filter, I dont want to have anything to do with it). My 77 yr old dad however always fixes his own cars...maybe that's why his doesn't work very well now... hee hee.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

The smells of cockroach, mouse, and dog feces, mixed the fresh country air, ahhh.. I can't wait till this over..
the worst case packrat scenario in a newer home that looks as if its been kept up to look as if it was an hundred and fifty year old farm home..
times over. Untill they're final resting place here in this (my mothers final home) and my fathers current home.. So yes there's a bunch of stuff... Imagine
Well today and yesterday i'm at my dads place again packing an sorting thru all things that have been collected, packed, moved, packed, and re-moved a thousand

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

ot much to report today, just got done looking at charred remains of people in aircraft mishaps and learning about dif survival and investigation scenarios. Now I'm eating lunch back at my room.. Had some really messed up dreams last night though, they were kinda funny actually as I recall, well from what I recall, which isn't much as they have seemed to slipped from my memory throughout the morning.. I'm sure they'll pop in my head at some random point later in the day.
Went out to dinner with a few classmates last night to Buffalo Wild Wings (which just so happens to be attached to the local mall) and then walked thru the mall, stopping by Hot Topic to check out the clearance shit rack. Picked up a few cheapies, nothin special but will make for good night time shirts, which I seem to have more of than actual daytime out and about shirts..
Later tonight I learned that the local on base club has a free Buffet for folks that are on travel (TDY) here so I think me and my classmates will probably hit that up. Nothing beats free food, and who knows I might run into some folks I know there that are also TDY. I've already run into one guy I've met before in Japan who's in my very same class this week.. It's a small world after all.. LOL!!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Well todays story is about my flight from Kansas City Missouri to Dallas Fort Worth Texas yesterday Mon Sept 21st. I drove from my small town (about an hour and 40 mins away) and got the airport with reasonable time to spare. I boarded the aircraft with no knowledge of the inbound storms. The flight attendants said that we would try to get take off a few minutes early to beat the storm and then once we were all boarded and ready to go, the Captain said he'd taxi out and then wait.. well we did. We waited about 10 or so minutes and then we launched. Apparently right into the storm. It was a bit rough but not that bad. A bit of turnbulance and some shaky shake, but nothing really to be worried about. We started approaching an unknown altitude (cuz we were in the clouds and I have no idea how high we really were), I was just sittin back an relaxing, felt pretty good actually was kinda gettin into the rocking and bouncing motion similar to that of a ship or laying in a hammock during a wind storm. Then all of a sudden there was a really bright flash that consumed the whole area around us. A bright flash of Orange, Red, and Purple and Yellow light was all around us for a split of a split second, followed by the faint smell of smoke. I think everyone perked up wondering if the plane had been struck by lightning or something, but there was no evidence of such. Even though it was a kinda scary moment, i was more curious at the fact that no one really seemed to be worried about anything. The flight attendant reassured us that we were in fact NOT struck by lightning and that the airplane was not damaged in any way. But she did carry on to say that she had never seen anything like that before.. (and she was not a young girl. So I'm sure she'd been doin the job for awhile). Anyway it was weird and kind of cool at the same time.. I then went to sleep and slept pretty good for being on an airplane. No worries. Now I'm sittin in my room down in Texas waitin for my class to start tomorrow morning. Fun stuff..

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Well todays update is about me and my dad and all the commotion with his house ordeal. We were sellin, sellin, sellin, all his (mostly my moms) junk yesterday. Made a bit of cash to help my dad out, but still got lots of junk left. I think he still might have a few weeks before the home is completely foreclosed on. Today is another busy day but the weather is not very good so I'm sure having another sale would not be beneficial to our cause, but we do have some people scheduled to come back today to pick a few things up. So hopefully once we're done with all that we can get back on the road for home. I've got to be at the KC airport bright and early to head to Texas for a school for a week, and then next weekend I'll have to rinse, wash, and repeat what just transpired this weekend.. UHG!!! Will the madness ever end??? and speakin of madness the new meds seem to be workin ok...we'll see though it's only day 3.. if I start freakin out or somethin I'll just try somethin else till i get somethin to make the voices kidding....i like the voices..they tell me to do things... responsible things...HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Just caught a snake while mowin the lawn an its a beautiful
Test. Test. Just testing the SMS from my palm treo 755p smartphone. Thinkin of upgrading to the Palm Pre cuz of the new OS and its 8GB of internal memory. :)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

my real blog.

follow my real blog that's still in the works at
i'm still tryin to figure out the rss feeds, the database, and the other functions, but shouldnt take me long..

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Animeheads Wormhole Blog

Wed, Sep 9, 2009
OMG! It was the first day back to work since last friday, and even though it wasn't horrible it was still work and not my ideal picture of the most perfect job setting and environment that has ever graced the comfort zone of a wormhole person such as myself. The drones are starting to realize that I'm different than them. They dont know exactly in which way or how I am different but the looks are starting to ping on my radar. I must not let them know, I must maintain my perfect cover, they must not know anything the wiser or my mission will be over. Everyday must be a new adventure in how to stay stealth and ninja-like. Blend in, wear the uniform, wear the mask, convince them of my professionalism, and most of all, never compromise! There is a strict and harsh game of poker to be played and I must always have that game face on or they will see me for who I truly am.
I built another cabinet today in the basement.
I'm hoping that during my lifetime the LHC will get some really useful and extraordinary data that will change the course of history or lead our world into a new age of science and discovery. Hopefully they will find that God particle and prove once and for all that we actually dont exist. Or somethin like that. I really dont have much to write about today (if you cant tell) so I'm just rambling some of my random thoughts.
In other news (fer real this time) I do want to know how I can make this like a real blog and get followers and be able to have others post comments and such (that would at least make it interactive and maybe give me some inspiration, not that I really care about anyones opinion or anything.. lol...just kiddin). So I'll keep doing some research on that and try to figure it out... in the meantime have a look at this awesome picture of me and my new SpotBot.. LOL!!!