Wednesday, September 23, 2009

ot much to report today, just got done looking at charred remains of people in aircraft mishaps and learning about dif survival and investigation scenarios. Now I'm eating lunch back at my room.. Had some really messed up dreams last night though, they were kinda funny actually as I recall, well from what I recall, which isn't much as they have seemed to slipped from my memory throughout the morning.. I'm sure they'll pop in my head at some random point later in the day.
Went out to dinner with a few classmates last night to Buffalo Wild Wings (which just so happens to be attached to the local mall) and then walked thru the mall, stopping by Hot Topic to check out the clearance shit rack. Picked up a few cheapies, nothin special but will make for good night time shirts, which I seem to have more of than actual daytime out and about shirts..
Later tonight I learned that the local on base club has a free Buffet for folks that are on travel (TDY) here so I think me and my classmates will probably hit that up. Nothing beats free food, and who knows I might run into some folks I know there that are also TDY. I've already run into one guy I've met before in Japan who's in my very same class this week.. It's a small world after all.. LOL!!!

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