Wednesday, September 9, 2009

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Wed, Sep 9, 2009
OMG! It was the first day back to work since last friday, and even though it wasn't horrible it was still work and not my ideal picture of the most perfect job setting and environment that has ever graced the comfort zone of a wormhole person such as myself. The drones are starting to realize that I'm different than them. They dont know exactly in which way or how I am different but the looks are starting to ping on my radar. I must not let them know, I must maintain my perfect cover, they must not know anything the wiser or my mission will be over. Everyday must be a new adventure in how to stay stealth and ninja-like. Blend in, wear the uniform, wear the mask, convince them of my professionalism, and most of all, never compromise! There is a strict and harsh game of poker to be played and I must always have that game face on or they will see me for who I truly am.
I built another cabinet today in the basement.
I'm hoping that during my lifetime the LHC will get some really useful and extraordinary data that will change the course of history or lead our world into a new age of science and discovery. Hopefully they will find that God particle and prove once and for all that we actually dont exist. Or somethin like that. I really dont have much to write about today (if you cant tell) so I'm just rambling some of my random thoughts.
In other news (fer real this time) I do want to know how I can make this like a real blog and get followers and be able to have others post comments and such (that would at least make it interactive and maybe give me some inspiration, not that I really care about anyones opinion or anything.. lol...just kiddin). So I'll keep doing some research on that and try to figure it out... in the meantime have a look at this awesome picture of me and my new SpotBot.. LOL!!!

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