Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Well todays story is about my flight from Kansas City Missouri to Dallas Fort Worth Texas yesterday Mon Sept 21st. I drove from my small town (about an hour and 40 mins away) and got the airport with reasonable time to spare. I boarded the aircraft with no knowledge of the inbound storms. The flight attendants said that we would try to get take off a few minutes early to beat the storm and then once we were all boarded and ready to go, the Captain said he'd taxi out and then wait.. well we did. We waited about 10 or so minutes and then we launched. Apparently right into the storm. It was a bit rough but not that bad. A bit of turnbulance and some shaky shake, but nothing really to be worried about. We started approaching an unknown altitude (cuz we were in the clouds and I have no idea how high we really were), I was just sittin back an relaxing, felt pretty good actually was kinda gettin into the rocking and bouncing motion similar to that of a ship or laying in a hammock during a wind storm. Then all of a sudden there was a really bright flash that consumed the whole area around us. A bright flash of Orange, Red, and Purple and Yellow light was all around us for a split of a split second, followed by the faint smell of smoke. I think everyone perked up wondering if the plane had been struck by lightning or something, but there was no evidence of such. Even though it was a kinda scary moment, i was more curious at the fact that no one really seemed to be worried about anything. The flight attendant reassured us that we were in fact NOT struck by lightning and that the airplane was not damaged in any way. But she did carry on to say that she had never seen anything like that before.. (and she was not a young girl. So I'm sure she'd been doin the job for awhile). Anyway it was weird and kind of cool at the same time.. I then went to sleep and slept pretty good for being on an airplane. No worries. Now I'm sittin in my room down in Texas waitin for my class to start tomorrow morning. Fun stuff..

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