Sunday, September 20, 2009

Well todays update is about me and my dad and all the commotion with his house ordeal. We were sellin, sellin, sellin, all his (mostly my moms) junk yesterday. Made a bit of cash to help my dad out, but still got lots of junk left. I think he still might have a few weeks before the home is completely foreclosed on. Today is another busy day but the weather is not very good so I'm sure having another sale would not be beneficial to our cause, but we do have some people scheduled to come back today to pick a few things up. So hopefully once we're done with all that we can get back on the road for home. I've got to be at the KC airport bright and early to head to Texas for a school for a week, and then next weekend I'll have to rinse, wash, and repeat what just transpired this weekend.. UHG!!! Will the madness ever end??? and speakin of madness the new meds seem to be workin ok...we'll see though it's only day 3.. if I start freakin out or somethin I'll just try somethin else till i get somethin to make the voices kidding....i like the voices..they tell me to do things... responsible things...HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

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