Wednesday, September 30, 2009

WTF, I just woke up from Logan bed, it was like 12:45AM and I went in the kitchen got some water, sat down at the laptop and couldnt stop itching for some reason. I look under my arm and noticed some red bumps, than to my shock I noticed a large red patch and then started inspecting other areas. I'm all broke out all over, all cracks and crevices and even on my wrists!!!.. Must be somekind of allergic reaction to something, Water? Cat Food? Logan? Logans bed? What the Hell!!! This kinda shit never ceases to amaze me.. Sheesh I mean seriously! Can't I just have a normal day without somekind of drama or cataclysmic event, or am I just overreacting. BTW The wife is prego again! :o)

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