Wednesday, September 30, 2009

WTF, I just woke up from Logan bed, it was like 12:45AM and I went in the kitchen got some water, sat down at the laptop and couldnt stop itching for some reason. I look under my arm and noticed some red bumps, than to my shock I noticed a large red patch and then started inspecting other areas. I'm all broke out all over, all cracks and crevices and even on my wrists!!!.. Must be somekind of allergic reaction to something, Water? Cat Food? Logan? Logans bed? What the Hell!!! This kinda shit never ceases to amaze me.. Sheesh I mean seriously! Can't I just have a normal day without somekind of drama or cataclysmic event, or am I just overreacting. BTW The wife is prego again! :o)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Had some of those crazy ass Tornado dreams again last night.. It'd been awhile since havin one, so I was kinda surprised. Really vivid.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Today I am having to do research on finding my dad a place to live. I'm looking into assisted living and cheap furnished apartments in my small town area. If I get him to move out here closer to me, than I'll be able to at least keep a better eye on him and his finances. I have a few leads already, and things in a small town seem a lil bit easier to figure out than the big city. Did you know that there is no more section 8 in the city of St. Louis? There is only assisted living under a different kind of income based plan (which I thought was the same thing?) but it's not called section 8 anymore. Weird, but thats what the housing authority said. They also mentioned that it would be easier in a different area, (which is fine, because I know a lot of the places that could be available in the city are not in the best of neighborhoods, and I wouldn't want my dad just wondering around out there). But if I bring him out here, at least I'll know what he's doin all the time without actually havin him live with me (which would not be good).
I'm also having to do research on my cars warranty information, cuz since moving i have no idea where any of that paperwork is at, and the car is leaking coolant from somewhere and overheated the other day, so it is in need of some kinda check up. I know I'm a guy and a former aircraft mechanic, but did I ever mention I HATE WORKIN ON CARS!!!.. LOL.. (unless it's somethin simple, like changin wiper blades, a battery, a small sensor or filter, I dont want to have anything to do with it). My 77 yr old dad however always fixes his own cars...maybe that's why his doesn't work very well now... hee hee.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

The smells of cockroach, mouse, and dog feces, mixed the fresh country air, ahhh.. I can't wait till this over..
the worst case packrat scenario in a newer home that looks as if its been kept up to look as if it was an hundred and fifty year old farm home..
times over. Untill they're final resting place here in this (my mothers final home) and my fathers current home.. So yes there's a bunch of stuff... Imagine
Well today and yesterday i'm at my dads place again packing an sorting thru all things that have been collected, packed, moved, packed, and re-moved a thousand

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

ot much to report today, just got done looking at charred remains of people in aircraft mishaps and learning about dif survival and investigation scenarios. Now I'm eating lunch back at my room.. Had some really messed up dreams last night though, they were kinda funny actually as I recall, well from what I recall, which isn't much as they have seemed to slipped from my memory throughout the morning.. I'm sure they'll pop in my head at some random point later in the day.
Went out to dinner with a few classmates last night to Buffalo Wild Wings (which just so happens to be attached to the local mall) and then walked thru the mall, stopping by Hot Topic to check out the clearance shit rack. Picked up a few cheapies, nothin special but will make for good night time shirts, which I seem to have more of than actual daytime out and about shirts..
Later tonight I learned that the local on base club has a free Buffet for folks that are on travel (TDY) here so I think me and my classmates will probably hit that up. Nothing beats free food, and who knows I might run into some folks I know there that are also TDY. I've already run into one guy I've met before in Japan who's in my very same class this week.. It's a small world after all.. LOL!!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Well todays story is about my flight from Kansas City Missouri to Dallas Fort Worth Texas yesterday Mon Sept 21st. I drove from my small town (about an hour and 40 mins away) and got the airport with reasonable time to spare. I boarded the aircraft with no knowledge of the inbound storms. The flight attendants said that we would try to get take off a few minutes early to beat the storm and then once we were all boarded and ready to go, the Captain said he'd taxi out and then wait.. well we did. We waited about 10 or so minutes and then we launched. Apparently right into the storm. It was a bit rough but not that bad. A bit of turnbulance and some shaky shake, but nothing really to be worried about. We started approaching an unknown altitude (cuz we were in the clouds and I have no idea how high we really were), I was just sittin back an relaxing, felt pretty good actually was kinda gettin into the rocking and bouncing motion similar to that of a ship or laying in a hammock during a wind storm. Then all of a sudden there was a really bright flash that consumed the whole area around us. A bright flash of Orange, Red, and Purple and Yellow light was all around us for a split of a split second, followed by the faint smell of smoke. I think everyone perked up wondering if the plane had been struck by lightning or something, but there was no evidence of such. Even though it was a kinda scary moment, i was more curious at the fact that no one really seemed to be worried about anything. The flight attendant reassured us that we were in fact NOT struck by lightning and that the airplane was not damaged in any way. But she did carry on to say that she had never seen anything like that before.. (and she was not a young girl. So I'm sure she'd been doin the job for awhile). Anyway it was weird and kind of cool at the same time.. I then went to sleep and slept pretty good for being on an airplane. No worries. Now I'm sittin in my room down in Texas waitin for my class to start tomorrow morning. Fun stuff..

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Well todays update is about me and my dad and all the commotion with his house ordeal. We were sellin, sellin, sellin, all his (mostly my moms) junk yesterday. Made a bit of cash to help my dad out, but still got lots of junk left. I think he still might have a few weeks before the home is completely foreclosed on. Today is another busy day but the weather is not very good so I'm sure having another sale would not be beneficial to our cause, but we do have some people scheduled to come back today to pick a few things up. So hopefully once we're done with all that we can get back on the road for home. I've got to be at the KC airport bright and early to head to Texas for a school for a week, and then next weekend I'll have to rinse, wash, and repeat what just transpired this weekend.. UHG!!! Will the madness ever end??? and speakin of madness the new meds seem to be workin ok...we'll see though it's only day 3.. if I start freakin out or somethin I'll just try somethin else till i get somethin to make the voices kidding....i like the voices..they tell me to do things... responsible things...HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Just caught a snake while mowin the lawn an its a beautiful
Test. Test. Just testing the SMS from my palm treo 755p smartphone. Thinkin of upgrading to the Palm Pre cuz of the new OS and its 8GB of internal memory. :)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

my real blog.

follow my real blog that's still in the works at
i'm still tryin to figure out the rss feeds, the database, and the other functions, but shouldnt take me long..

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Animeheads Wormhole Blog

Wed, Sep 9, 2009
OMG! It was the first day back to work since last friday, and even though it wasn't horrible it was still work and not my ideal picture of the most perfect job setting and environment that has ever graced the comfort zone of a wormhole person such as myself. The drones are starting to realize that I'm different than them. They dont know exactly in which way or how I am different but the looks are starting to ping on my radar. I must not let them know, I must maintain my perfect cover, they must not know anything the wiser or my mission will be over. Everyday must be a new adventure in how to stay stealth and ninja-like. Blend in, wear the uniform, wear the mask, convince them of my professionalism, and most of all, never compromise! There is a strict and harsh game of poker to be played and I must always have that game face on or they will see me for who I truly am.
I built another cabinet today in the basement.
I'm hoping that during my lifetime the LHC will get some really useful and extraordinary data that will change the course of history or lead our world into a new age of science and discovery. Hopefully they will find that God particle and prove once and for all that we actually dont exist. Or somethin like that. I really dont have much to write about today (if you cant tell) so I'm just rambling some of my random thoughts.
In other news (fer real this time) I do want to know how I can make this like a real blog and get followers and be able to have others post comments and such (that would at least make it interactive and maybe give me some inspiration, not that I really care about anyones opinion or anything.. lol...just kiddin). So I'll keep doing some research on that and try to figure it out... in the meantime have a look at this awesome picture of me and my new SpotBot.. LOL!!!