Saturday, January 30, 2010


My faithful (mostly) HP Pavilion dv9000 notebook pc decided to go out this past wednesday. So amid my research I've found that a lot of people have had problems with this very same laptop and a few others along the same series. Well I contacted HP and even though they were running a free repair service via their extended warranty enhancement I seem to have missed out on that last Sep when it ended.. So I'm currently out shopping for a new one and will attempt a crazy fix to the old one at a later time when I'm not soo pressed for time (with my deployment coming up).. All in all a lot of people are badmouthing HP but I hadn't really had a problem with my dv9000 untill now, but I did manage to get HP to add my name to the class action case that was spurred from all the previous problems with this laptop and I did get them to give me a super duper warranty if I buy another HP product soon. And this super warranty will cover the product for about 3 years past the normal 1 yr one.. We'll see how that fairs.. I'll let ya know..

Monday, January 25, 2010

Manga Monday part duks

I finally got a day off from work, but a day off does not mean time to rest because projects are never ending. But I decided to throw out a lil bit about the latest Manga I'm reading. I picked up a few issues of Kimikiss a few weeks ago mainly because i liked the art, and yes i do have an affliction for the teenage drama manga stories, rather like the character Piro of the Megatokyo web manga does. If anyone has a problem with that, then they can go see my therapist and have a lil chat while i pull yer toenails out and sing some old Gordon Lightfoot songs to you.. just kidding. kinda.
Anyway Kimikiss is like one of those stories that has multiple parts and no real continuity to it. So no worries about a long drawn out story in the future. It's all just school boy meets girl and girl teaches him how to be a mack daddy. Totally unbelievable but probably what every young boy wishes in his most wildest dreams would happen to him (especially the shyest and geekiest of young boys that really have no chance of something like this ever happening to him, i may have fell into that borderline catagory when i was that age). Book two is where I'm at now, and i think it picks up a lil bit and is a bit more believable because the main character just so happens to meet a hot chick outside school one day practicing soccer by getting hit in the head with the ball, and then gets asked to practice with her but shows her that he too is good at soccer. Because yah this happens all the time... riiiiiight. Anyway they start hitting it off and meeting after school practicing soccer rubbing all over each other unintentionally and finally they decide to go out, oh and the hot girl has also never has a boyfreind and is the best athlete in the school but acts like its no big deal. Well besides the obviouse antics it really is a quick and enjoyable read, and it takes me back to those days when I had infatuations with girls in class, but never had the nerve to speak to them or show them how I felt and would just go home and depressed and fantasize about how things could have been different.
Well I'm going to go finish watchin Godzilla Againt Mechagodzilla with the kids..... see ya.

Friday, January 22, 2010

work work work

i just love working 12 days in a row.. yay for me..

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Got Nuthin

So as you can see I'm already gettin behind on my schedule, which btw I had said would probably happen at some point. But at least I made it one week huh? lol.
Today is what, Tuesday? Well since i already shared my latest anime tattoos, I'd just like to point out that anime and tattoos is something that I think is catching on. I've seen soo many cool ones (and some not soo cool) popping up online lately that it can only be representation of the impact that anime is having on people today. Now what I would really like to see, is somebody (an older generational figure) come forward and show an anime tattoo that they got maybe back in the late 70's or 80's of something that may have been somewhat popular in the early anime underground of the times, maybe some Space Battleship Yamoto, Star Blazers, or Macross. Anybody know anyone like this?... I guess my hunt is on then. Will report my findings later on.

Monday, January 18, 2010


So I was sittin there last night in my home theatre searching thru the archive of anime, and wanting something to watch, after about and hour and a half of viewing either first episodes or partial first episodes and having nothing catch me in just that sort of way that I like to be entranced while having a few drinky drinks. Dont get me wrong I love all anime, but for the most part, I look for ones that just make me think and totally take me away to a different place in my own chaotic mind. Canaan did just that. After the first episode, I was hooked, and thus after 5 episodes leaving me to force myself to go get some rest at the wee break of dusk.

I'm not sure what it was that entranced me soo with Canaan, whether it was the loveable and interesting characters, the twisted plot (which really isnt that twisted and at times predictable, but still keeps you watching for some reason), or just the combination of darkness and simplistic innocent humour. I guess it mimics life in a odd and warped sorta way, albeit none of the events are realistic in the slightest sense but who am I to judge that... I believe in everything..
Canaan is a female badass mercenary with some extraordinary abilities and hightened senses due to some unknown (no spoilers sorry) experiments. She was orphaned at a young age by a war in a middle eastern town and trained by an elite fighter when found. She's lived in isolation for so long but comes to find friendship with another girl named Maria who is a photographer from Japan. They meet up for a second time in Shanghai and this is where our story starts and takes off on a roller coaster ride of terrorism and conspiracy. The plot thickens and more characters and secret organizations come into play in a short amount of time, and for only being 13 episodes long, you can see how all the details just fly by and you almost have to stay entranced to catch everything.. Its Awesome and well played, so if you know of more nime like this send it my way....cuz I love this shit! 

Saturday, January 16, 2010

New Ink

Just got my Rei Ayanami tat filled in which completed my previous work in progress. And then I got a little SD Godzilla added to the mix. The design for the Gojira was actually taken from a Takara Toys tag from a plush dancing (vibrating) Godzilla toy... thought it was soo funny/cute/and cool, i just had to get it done... LOL

The Wormhole

Just thought I'd share some pics of my domian/office/workshop/


nova no more. as of Nov 09 it seems that we've lost another good torrent site. The site that replaced suprnova is now limited to only Content Distribution service. What a bummer.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Results are in....

It's A Girl!!!!
Just thought I'd share the news, that today I just found out that we'll be adding a girl as our 5th family member addition.. Mom, Dad, 2 Boys, and a Girl to round things off. And now I think we'll be done...hahaha

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

It's Tattoosday

On Tuesdays from now on (or at least whenever I can get around to it) I like to share some info and pics of anime tattoos that I've either had done myself or have found online. Today I'll start off this trend by sharing my anime tats and what inspired each one to get done (other than the fact that I'm just that into anime, which by the way i think traditionally is a silly idea just to get a tattoo). Originally I was always under the belief that if I were to get ink done, it would really have to be something that i was into and would have to be into forever (which is also something I've always been skeptical of because we as people are always changing) and just simply something with a lot of meaning to it. But last I checked I'm in my mid 30's and have been into anime for over 15 years and I really dont think i'll be giving up on it or passing it by as if it were only a 'phase' or something, and also since it has been my biggest and most costly hobby hus far (aside from computers). I finally came to the conclusion that I wanted a tattoo, and wanted one pretty badly, so the only thing I felt worthy of being permanently scribed on my body was you guessed it, ANIME. So here's the pics and I'll leave the explaining to later, or i think I've pretty much explained that I'm just into anime that much so even tho each tat has it's own unique meaning I'll just leave it as that for now.

My Chibi Dinobot Grimlock (right arm)

My Gundam Girl (left arm)
My Ghost In the Shell inspired A.I. tribal tat (right leg)
start of my left arm anime collage design

a bit filled in but not finished yet

Monday, January 11, 2010

Manga Monday

Alive: The Final Evolution is one of those manga that starts out like a typical high school comedy than turns to a deeper dark sci-fi plot (while still maintaining the occasional light hearted quirky humor). I've read the first two rather quickly because when it's a story like this I just get totally sucked in (even more so that with just any mange). I wont go into detail, but I will say that this manga will have me reading till they stop printing it. Its a keeper and def worthy of the manga book shelf. Apparently when doin a bit of research they were going to make an anime adaptation of it, but it was cancelled, which blows, cuz I woulda checked it out right away. This story I can say has everything that I was expecting from that M. Knight movie starring Marky Mark (the Happening) but was sadly dissappointed. I mean when theres a possible freaky story that involves mass worldwide suicides by some unknown cause. I strangely get interested.. probably that unknown factor that leads us to want to know whats 'happening' in a story. So check out Alive: The Final Evolution, you wont be dissappointed.

Alive the anime cancelled due to the company's economic problems according to wiki.
You can get a sneak peak here. But do me a favor and support that anime and manga industry by purchasing licensed release copies for your book shelf.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Spice and Wolf

I watched the first 2 eps last night, and it was pretty good.. The thing that was kinda annoying was that the wolf girl 'Horo' is pretty hot and is almost always naked with just long locks of hair to cover her 'parts', which i suppose the perv in me just wanted her to be straight up naked and show it, but than i guess it would be borderline hentai, but not if they dont do anything sexual right? heh heh. Anyway the story is rather different than any of my other more recent anime ventures. I was not expecting a before industrial revolution type story. This story does not have any flying cars, robots, or vehicles at all. It's all horse and buggy and primative living, but yet it's not a medievel setting like other role playing type stories. It's more like Little House on the Prairie meets werewolf girl. So I'll be checking out the rest of the series to see where it goes. I wont give anything away as of yet (well theres not really anything to give away since I only watched the first two episodes) but I wont tell more than that.. but there will be more to come later as I finish up the series.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Manga Booty

Heres my payload I got today. Lots of Manga (and notice the new 4x4 Rubiks Revenge, that was just a lil somethin that I saw and had to have from the Science City Store in Union Station, I been wanting one since I mastered the 3x3 cube..har har har.. *mad scientist laugh*).

Manga Jackpot

I hit the manga jackpot today! Me and the fam went into the city (Kansas City) to the crown center for an Andy Warhol exhibit (actually it was at the Union Station, but they're all connected by a skylink walkway. Which is good cuz its so flippin cold out I wasn't in the mood to do anything outside). So anyway we went to the exhibit and then over to Crown Center (which is like a small mall) to look around. Then I noticed that the Waldenbooks was closing up shop and having a mega sale, checked out the manga section and Blam! 50% OFF!!! So I stocked up. We even had a $50 gift card also so that helped. So anyway I feel like it was a successful trip, not to mention the kiddies were actually really well behaved too.. :o)

I forgot

to write about anime last night, i just got too sleepy from work and dealing with the kiddies. So I conked out early. But lets face it I haven't even watched any anime in awhile. It gets hard to do when you have a family a career and responsibilities. And as probably one of the older anime fans with a blog online these days (at least as far as I can tell from all the other blogs I've been reading, I appear to be relatively older, but lets face it I'll always be a kid at heart, that or a gumpy old man.. LOL) I can also be a testament that when it comes to anime and fandom, it knows no age bounderies.... i do on the other hand have a long list of anime that i intend on checking out as soon as i get some time. So heres a list and for discussions sake, if you"ve already seen any of these, let me know what you thought of them.
Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion (コードギアス 反逆のルルーシュ, Kōdo Giasu: Hangyaku no Rurūshu?)
Black Rock Shooter
Spice and Wolf

Ok, let me know.. I look forward to hearing which I should watch first.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Action Figure Thursday. Drossel

There are soo many figures out there that I want it makes me crazy when searching ebay and all the toy and anime sites trying to find the best price, especially when I know I have no money to even purchase said figures. So why do I torture myself so? I guess it's a hobby of mine to induce soo much frustration.. I been doing it for years, even when I was a kid looking at the toy adds in the sunday paper and the store catalogs around Christmas time and going thru them with a pen and putting check marks next to the things I wanted soo desperately, knowing damn well that I wouldn't get any of them because of my poor upbringing. But now that I'm old and think I can (and should be able to) get anything I want because I've worked for it, I still see how disfunctional and obsessive I've become when it comes to hobbies.. Anyway continueing from yesterdays topic of the Disney Anime Fireball. I would really like to see a Drossel fig on my fig shelf. In fact I want all of them, especially the Christmas looking one (winter package) on the Disney.JP website

I gotta get'em. harhaaahaaahaaaharrrrr.. (mad freaky laughter)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Okay, so I'm feeling a bit behind the anime curve ball these days with all the family and career developments and situations the last year or so. But regardless it is Wednesday and I'm sticking to my schedule I laid out a few posts back.. remember? ok well let me refresh yo mems..
Mondays = Mangaday
Tuesdays = Tattoosday
Wednesday = (nothing rhymes with wednesday so I'll talk about whatever comes to mind)
Thursday = Toys (I'll think of something that rhymes later LOL)
Friday = Anime (again, cool rhymie name later)

Ok now we got that outta the way.. I need to talk about something. I follow a few other blogs and look at anime figurine sites and been seeing this lil cute white robot... chick? I mean well it's imistably a girl robot, and it is cute, so I looked into what it was from. Drossel is her name and Fireball is the game, er rather the anime, er rather the 3D CGI anime, er and well on top of being anime it's actually a Disney affiliated project.
So since when has there been a Disney Anime? And I've been into anime since Speed Racer was on TV (well maybe syndicated repeats of Speed, but I was an avid fan of anime when Voltron and Robotech was airing on local networks, see now I'm showing my age), but anyway this is a real turn of events for me. For the longest time I was really anti-Disney (not anti in such a negative sense, but more like I wouldn't go out of my way to see a Disney film, but journey across the city on icy snow built up roads searching out small mom and pop video rental stores for a decent anime selection, (and the quickly running back home to make VHS copies of those tapes rented, and yes i still have all those VHS, some of them reaching the almost old enough to drive age). Okay back on track, sorry I tend to ramble when trying to reach a point, the need for back story always tends to go overboard.
So Fireball is this CGI Toei / Disney Anime, and it's rather good for what it is. And what I mean by that, is that it really doesn't have any story to it, it's no longer than one of our longest tv commercials, but for what it is, it's rather catchy. Quirky, Funny, and Cute, and more importantly its Japanese, and well it's Disney too. Could this be (for me anyways) the merging of two completely distinct styles? Dont get me wrong, I know that Disney has productions everywhere and all countries probably have a Disney Channel of some sort and all that blah blah blah, but for some reason this combining of culture and the art of animation and the business of anime just kinda caught me off guard. I dont know why, but hmmm, am i the only one?

Anyway check out "Fireball" it's easy and really fast to watch, and easy to decide if you like it or not. And I'm guessing that if you're anything like me, you'll dig it. Now I've got to go and order that damn figure, before they're totally sold out of them.. lol

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


As if it aint cold enough outside, I decided to share what keeps my new server cool and running fast as a good lil Quad Core AMD Phenom can. It's my Cooler Master Hyper N520 Copper Heatpipe CPU Cooler. HeeeHeeeHeee. Quiet and Cool, but def not small.
It's pretty much Wednesday by the time writing this, so that's my start to my new bloggy schedule, lol.

This Blog

Well I suppose I need to start doing something creative, since that's what i said I do this year..

I started perusing other like blogs and realized quickly that most people have a theme or at least some kind of resemblance of a theme or also at least something that didn't look just soo random. So here I am. I'm going to rehash out my idea for this blog. I still want to have all the same ingredients as stated in my header, but on some kind of level that's not so random.

So I'm going to start by shooting for topics, and not just any topics (and since I can't work without a schedule, even though I hate deadlines) I'm going to have daily topics or a schedule if you will (yah right, we'll see how long that lasts) and this will set the precedance for my commitment to be more creative or rather how I would like to be this year ( I did make a resolution after all). And since I am pretty lazy, I will at least give myself this one lil clause of releif, if I fail to fall on schedule with my topic, than I will have to at least continue on to the next in line. Make sense? No, i dont get it either, again I'm rambling.

So here's the outling of events as I've depicted, and I will probably start on this fresh next week (if not sooner).

Mondays = Mangaday
Tuesdays = Tattoosday
Wednesday = (nothing rhymes with wednesday so I'll talk about whatever comes to mind)
Thursday = Toys (I'll think of something that rhymes later LOL)
Friday = Anime (again, cool rhymie name later)

Sat-Sun (Mayhem Weekend is every weekend, and since I'm always busy with family and home projects, i'll pop in from time to time and rant about that stuff if you're interested)

Ok like I said we'll see how long this lasts.. hahaha.. OK GO!!!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

talk about

crazy thats what this web design thing i've been tryin to do for years sure is. I just spent the good portion of an hour on one background design for my old sites homepage ( I just couldn't seem to get the dimensions correct to appear on my screen with the proper resolution... i was toying with it and toying with it.. if you get a chance go there and tell me what it looks like on your browser. I finally settled on a 1440 x 900 res image to best match my laptop browser settings.. any tips shoot them my way. Since I do everything in Photoshop CS3 I have all possible options, just never know the best one to use.. but one thing I hate is when watermarked backgrounds lap over from one side to the other... grrr. it drives me nutty.. but than again. what doesn't these days..


So if 2012 is going to be the end, that means we only have like 2 yrs and 11 months left. So I guess if we were to start all thinking about that situation now more in depth. What will we do over the next couple years, and not just for us, but for our young ones that wont live to see their teens. Kind of a morbib topic, but really imagine what the people of Erculano (Herculanium) would have done had they known that Mount Vesuvius was going to erupt and destroy the small towns of that area such as Pompeii and Ercalano. You think that maybe they would've just moved but in this whole 2012 idea we probably wont have that option depending on the levels of destruction the world is supposed to endure. Well the bottom line is we should at least start giving our kids the best possible life we can give them until the 2012 mass destruction, and at the same time we should also be preparing them for other such epidemics such as zombie invasions, cuz ya just never know, and why not cover all bases. Who says you can't be a survivalist and have fun too?
And all this while I was in the shower this morning.. I wont even go into what dreamt about...sheesh.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

more 3 yr old words of wisdom

Dad, remember you told me, "if I find a really big creature egg, to tell mom and dad".
I'm soo glad that he listens at least some of the time... lol

If You See Gas

GO THE OTHER WAY!!! or so I was told by my 3 yr old son after watching a Godzilla movie and I happened to mention that the people that saw smoke coming from under a doorway all ran towards it and opened it just to be totally knocked out by a doorway full of gas (smoke), so I said hmmm, if you see gas you should go the other way.. now he says it all the time, even while watching the Smurfs.. so I guess the life lessons really do start to stick at an early age. hahah..

Saturday, January 2, 2010


only a matter of time i suppose till i got sick after the kids were. dont feel too bad just the kind of sick that just causes you to lay down allot and not get anything done.....ick. oh well, so much for utilizing my time off

Friday, January 1, 2010

well the new year is here. It is 2010 and sheesh, it sure dont feel any different than the last year, but I'm sure this year will bring many changes to life, my life and I'm sure your lives as well. Lets just hope that this year doesn't involve as much chaos as last year did. A little less self destruction, family deaths, and a lot more creativity and fun would be ideal. It's time to pick up pieces, start fresh, and get this mutha flippin train a rollin.... Lets Rock!!!