Saturday, January 9, 2010

Manga Jackpot

I hit the manga jackpot today! Me and the fam went into the city (Kansas City) to the crown center for an Andy Warhol exhibit (actually it was at the Union Station, but they're all connected by a skylink walkway. Which is good cuz its so flippin cold out I wasn't in the mood to do anything outside). So anyway we went to the exhibit and then over to Crown Center (which is like a small mall) to look around. Then I noticed that the Waldenbooks was closing up shop and having a mega sale, checked out the manga section and Blam! 50% OFF!!! So I stocked up. We even had a $50 gift card also so that helped. So anyway I feel like it was a successful trip, not to mention the kiddies were actually really well behaved too.. :o)

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