Monday, January 18, 2010


So I was sittin there last night in my home theatre searching thru the archive of anime, and wanting something to watch, after about and hour and a half of viewing either first episodes or partial first episodes and having nothing catch me in just that sort of way that I like to be entranced while having a few drinky drinks. Dont get me wrong I love all anime, but for the most part, I look for ones that just make me think and totally take me away to a different place in my own chaotic mind. Canaan did just that. After the first episode, I was hooked, and thus after 5 episodes leaving me to force myself to go get some rest at the wee break of dusk.

I'm not sure what it was that entranced me soo with Canaan, whether it was the loveable and interesting characters, the twisted plot (which really isnt that twisted and at times predictable, but still keeps you watching for some reason), or just the combination of darkness and simplistic innocent humour. I guess it mimics life in a odd and warped sorta way, albeit none of the events are realistic in the slightest sense but who am I to judge that... I believe in everything..
Canaan is a female badass mercenary with some extraordinary abilities and hightened senses due to some unknown (no spoilers sorry) experiments. She was orphaned at a young age by a war in a middle eastern town and trained by an elite fighter when found. She's lived in isolation for so long but comes to find friendship with another girl named Maria who is a photographer from Japan. They meet up for a second time in Shanghai and this is where our story starts and takes off on a roller coaster ride of terrorism and conspiracy. The plot thickens and more characters and secret organizations come into play in a short amount of time, and for only being 13 episodes long, you can see how all the details just fly by and you almost have to stay entranced to catch everything.. Its Awesome and well played, so if you know of more nime like this send it my way....cuz I love this shit! 

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