Monday, January 25, 2010

Manga Monday part duks

I finally got a day off from work, but a day off does not mean time to rest because projects are never ending. But I decided to throw out a lil bit about the latest Manga I'm reading. I picked up a few issues of Kimikiss a few weeks ago mainly because i liked the art, and yes i do have an affliction for the teenage drama manga stories, rather like the character Piro of the Megatokyo web manga does. If anyone has a problem with that, then they can go see my therapist and have a lil chat while i pull yer toenails out and sing some old Gordon Lightfoot songs to you.. just kidding. kinda.
Anyway Kimikiss is like one of those stories that has multiple parts and no real continuity to it. So no worries about a long drawn out story in the future. It's all just school boy meets girl and girl teaches him how to be a mack daddy. Totally unbelievable but probably what every young boy wishes in his most wildest dreams would happen to him (especially the shyest and geekiest of young boys that really have no chance of something like this ever happening to him, i may have fell into that borderline catagory when i was that age). Book two is where I'm at now, and i think it picks up a lil bit and is a bit more believable because the main character just so happens to meet a hot chick outside school one day practicing soccer by getting hit in the head with the ball, and then gets asked to practice with her but shows her that he too is good at soccer. Because yah this happens all the time... riiiiiight. Anyway they start hitting it off and meeting after school practicing soccer rubbing all over each other unintentionally and finally they decide to go out, oh and the hot girl has also never has a boyfreind and is the best athlete in the school but acts like its no big deal. Well besides the obviouse antics it really is a quick and enjoyable read, and it takes me back to those days when I had infatuations with girls in class, but never had the nerve to speak to them or show them how I felt and would just go home and depressed and fantasize about how things could have been different.
Well I'm going to go finish watchin Godzilla Againt Mechagodzilla with the kids..... see ya.

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