Tuesday, January 5, 2010

This Blog

Well I suppose I need to start doing something creative, since that's what i said I do this year..

I started perusing other like blogs and realized quickly that most people have a theme or at least some kind of resemblance of a theme or also at least something that didn't look just soo random. So here I am. I'm going to rehash out my idea for this blog. I still want to have all the same ingredients as stated in my header, but on some kind of level that's not so random.

So I'm going to start by shooting for topics, and not just any topics (and since I can't work without a schedule, even though I hate deadlines) I'm going to have daily topics or a schedule if you will (yah right, we'll see how long that lasts) and this will set the precedance for my commitment to be more creative or rather how I would like to be this year ( I did make a resolution after all). And since I am pretty lazy, I will at least give myself this one lil clause of releif, if I fail to fall on schedule with my topic, than I will have to at least continue on to the next in line. Make sense? No, i dont get it either, again I'm rambling.

So here's the outling of events as I've depicted, and I will probably start on this fresh next week (if not sooner).

Mondays = Mangaday
Tuesdays = Tattoosday
Wednesday = (nothing rhymes with wednesday so I'll talk about whatever comes to mind)
Thursday = Toys (I'll think of something that rhymes later LOL)
Friday = Anime (again, cool rhymie name later)

Sat-Sun (Mayhem Weekend is every weekend, and since I'm always busy with family and home projects, i'll pop in from time to time and rant about that stuff if you're interested)

Ok like I said we'll see how long this lasts.. hahaha.. OK GO!!!!

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