Saturday, November 28, 2009

Test email

just testing this mail2blog thing to see if it works from my Palm... We'll see

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Turkey Day!!!

Hey everybody, I just want to wish a Happy Thanksgiving to you all!!! Eat lots of and take lots of turkey induced naps.. lol

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Movies Movies Movies

I finally had a night to just relax, drink some beer, and watch some movies to just kind of recoup from the events over the last week just following my brothers passing. It's been a painful week of emotions, sibling rivalry, misconceptions, an idiocy, but I think we made it thru it okay. I think the moral of the story is that whatever happens, happens, but if theres a way to make what happens be the best way for things to happen and for the right reasons, then it sure as hell better count for something. And if not well than at least it leaves me with a feeling of accomplishment or something to that affect.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Allen W Smith

As some of you may know, my brother Allen W Smith passed away on Sat 7 Nov, and the family is asking that in lew of flowers if anyone is wanting to espress sympathy that they please make a contribution to the
Cremation Society of Kansas City & Missouri you can mail checks to
8837 Roe Ave, Prairie Village, Kansas 66207
or for a more expediant way you can call with a credit card to 913-383-9888.
Any sympathy cards may be mailed to 1215 S. Mildred Blvd. Sedalia, MO 65301 and the expression and sentiment will be shared amongst the family. Thank you in advance for your prayers and warm sentiments during this time of mourning.
Unfortunately my brother Allen did not have any life insurance policy and was living on social security and in subsidized housing.
Allen was preceeded in heaven by his Mother Evelyn and brother John and is survived by his children Angel, Michael, Dillon, and John that reside in St. Louis with his ex-wife JoEllen and their step dad Anthony, his father Richard, his loving siblings Emily, Charles, Mark, Matthew, and Christine. He was also a devoted Uncle to all of his neices and nephews.

Allen W Smith

Allen W Smith

Allen W Smith

Allen W Smith

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Family Death

Today was yet another fucked up day in the life of the Wormhole Animehead such is I. My brother Allen an ex-crackheaded family vacating rehab graduate living on a disability check and working under a government assisted program job with one of my other brothers in a suburb of Kansas city has passed away this morning. He was my 3rd oldest brother and really had some problems in life, he never did have it easy, and if anyone would've guessed how things would turn out for his life, they probably wouldnt be too far off from what actually happend today and over the last few years. I think though as a brother it is my duty to say that his life over the last few years had made a complete 180. He may have gained an enormouse amount of weight from the lack of drugs in his system but his mind had reverted almost back to the point of a young autistic and innocent teen. Very polite and considerate and low toned and smiley. Who knows where his mind could've been when he was around and quiet. But he seemed to be there when talking. Everyone makes mistakes, and I'm sure a lot of us learn from them and some of us just get by without ever realizing the consequences of our actions. I now wish you the peace in death that you never could have had in life my brother. Rest in Peace.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


It's a sad day today because i have just learned that one of my all time favorite local rock bands is dispersing. Fragile Porcelain Mice has been a long time act in the local St. Louis area. I'm 33 now and I remember seeing them play back when I was like 16 or 17.. they were a class act as well (especially if you liked mosh pitting, lol). They had a different sound but it was a good one, and definitely one you could totally rock out to. They will surely be missed, and their 4 albums will be cherished and blasted for years to come.. So long guys, hopefully see you around town.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


well i got a bunch of outside stuff done today, the last bit of landscaping with what things i had at my disposal. still lots to do but can wait for the right season to do it. hopefully it was the last bit of lawn mowing and weed whacking, anything more that may need to be down can be done on the tractor. I then went down to the office and started sorting out the action figure wall. I opened a bunch of figures that I'd been waiting to open for about 2-3 years just for the purpose of having a place to properly display them (yes I'm kinda like the 40yr old virgin, cept i'm not a virgin, and i do take some figures out of their packages. well especially if i have duplicates to keep mint, lol.).
Now I'm watchin The Nightmare Before Christmas again with Logan. Such a good flick to help me in my process of desensitizine the youth while parenting.... lol. (well at least it's not Evil Dead or Exorcist, (in which i'm still messed up from.). I'm drinking a few Saisons and feelin pretty good, and should be able to sleep well enough when time to put Logan down, we'll see though, movies about over. Good night all, and to all a good night.....or rather night after Holloween.. hahaha