Sunday, November 1, 2009


well i got a bunch of outside stuff done today, the last bit of landscaping with what things i had at my disposal. still lots to do but can wait for the right season to do it. hopefully it was the last bit of lawn mowing and weed whacking, anything more that may need to be down can be done on the tractor. I then went down to the office and started sorting out the action figure wall. I opened a bunch of figures that I'd been waiting to open for about 2-3 years just for the purpose of having a place to properly display them (yes I'm kinda like the 40yr old virgin, cept i'm not a virgin, and i do take some figures out of their packages. well especially if i have duplicates to keep mint, lol.).
Now I'm watchin The Nightmare Before Christmas again with Logan. Such a good flick to help me in my process of desensitizine the youth while parenting.... lol. (well at least it's not Evil Dead or Exorcist, (in which i'm still messed up from.). I'm drinking a few Saisons and feelin pretty good, and should be able to sleep well enough when time to put Logan down, we'll see though, movies about over. Good night all, and to all a good night.....or rather night after Holloween.. hahaha

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