Saturday, November 7, 2009

Family Death

Today was yet another fucked up day in the life of the Wormhole Animehead such is I. My brother Allen an ex-crackheaded family vacating rehab graduate living on a disability check and working under a government assisted program job with one of my other brothers in a suburb of Kansas city has passed away this morning. He was my 3rd oldest brother and really had some problems in life, he never did have it easy, and if anyone would've guessed how things would turn out for his life, they probably wouldnt be too far off from what actually happend today and over the last few years. I think though as a brother it is my duty to say that his life over the last few years had made a complete 180. He may have gained an enormouse amount of weight from the lack of drugs in his system but his mind had reverted almost back to the point of a young autistic and innocent teen. Very polite and considerate and low toned and smiley. Who knows where his mind could've been when he was around and quiet. But he seemed to be there when talking. Everyone makes mistakes, and I'm sure a lot of us learn from them and some of us just get by without ever realizing the consequences of our actions. I now wish you the peace in death that you never could have had in life my brother. Rest in Peace.

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