Tuesday, January 12, 2010

It's Tattoosday

On Tuesdays from now on (or at least whenever I can get around to it) I like to share some info and pics of anime tattoos that I've either had done myself or have found online. Today I'll start off this trend by sharing my anime tats and what inspired each one to get done (other than the fact that I'm just that into anime, which by the way i think traditionally is a silly idea just to get a tattoo). Originally I was always under the belief that if I were to get ink done, it would really have to be something that i was into and would have to be into forever (which is also something I've always been skeptical of because we as people are always changing) and just simply something with a lot of meaning to it. But last I checked I'm in my mid 30's and have been into anime for over 15 years and I really dont think i'll be giving up on it or passing it by as if it were only a 'phase' or something, and also since it has been my biggest and most costly hobby hus far (aside from computers). I finally came to the conclusion that I wanted a tattoo, and wanted one pretty badly, so the only thing I felt worthy of being permanently scribed on my body was you guessed it, ANIME. So here's the pics and I'll leave the explaining to later, or i think I've pretty much explained that I'm just into anime that much so even tho each tat has it's own unique meaning I'll just leave it as that for now.

My Chibi Dinobot Grimlock (right arm)

My Gundam Girl (left arm)
My Ghost In the Shell inspired A.I. tribal tat (right leg)
start of my left arm anime collage design

a bit filled in but not finished yet

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