Monday, September 28, 2009

Today I am having to do research on finding my dad a place to live. I'm looking into assisted living and cheap furnished apartments in my small town area. If I get him to move out here closer to me, than I'll be able to at least keep a better eye on him and his finances. I have a few leads already, and things in a small town seem a lil bit easier to figure out than the big city. Did you know that there is no more section 8 in the city of St. Louis? There is only assisted living under a different kind of income based plan (which I thought was the same thing?) but it's not called section 8 anymore. Weird, but thats what the housing authority said. They also mentioned that it would be easier in a different area, (which is fine, because I know a lot of the places that could be available in the city are not in the best of neighborhoods, and I wouldn't want my dad just wondering around out there). But if I bring him out here, at least I'll know what he's doin all the time without actually havin him live with me (which would not be good).
I'm also having to do research on my cars warranty information, cuz since moving i have no idea where any of that paperwork is at, and the car is leaking coolant from somewhere and overheated the other day, so it is in need of some kinda check up. I know I'm a guy and a former aircraft mechanic, but did I ever mention I HATE WORKIN ON CARS!!!.. LOL.. (unless it's somethin simple, like changin wiper blades, a battery, a small sensor or filter, I dont want to have anything to do with it). My 77 yr old dad however always fixes his own cars...maybe that's why his doesn't work very well now... hee hee.

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