Friday, October 23, 2009

work work work

Well I finally made it through the 12 days of work, and just got done with a 3 hour drive at night from home to St. Louis.. back again to help my dad out. Hopefully will be the 2nd to last weekend of this. Can't wait to just move on with life. It's been pretty strenyous the last few months of dealing with all this, but the light at the end of the tunnel is very much so getting brighter as I approach it closer and closer. Things will be soo much better soon i believe. I will hopefully be able to go back to work on some of my projects (other than keeping up with this and my other blog and my web design learning hobby). Some of the projects that have been getting away from me are setting up my entertainment area in my downstairs basement bar and office. I have yet to set up my projector for the home theatre and the surround sound (in which I personally wired up before the drywall was even in stalled, using 16 gauge speaker wire) and the laptop based music sharing over the LAN. The idea is a total pc network media driven entertainment system split off from the server so that anywhere in the home i can live stream any music stored in the shared drive and any video file also shared in the terrabytes of storage I have.. that means endless and seamless anime feeds. Oh yes it will be done if its the last thing I do. And also as I'm getting into setting up the server, I'm thinkin about automating the home while I'm at it with voice recognition software to run the A/C, the Alarm/Home security system, and even the entertainment portion (but that will come way later i'm sure, I still need to setup the server and reconfigure my office/animation studio). Well it seems like a lot and it is, but well at least its good to dream huh? I guess it's all in due time I suppose, but first things first, the task at hand.
I also need to make some time to get my ink done also, have lots of areas to fill in on my upper left arm half sleeve design...can't wait. that's all for now.

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