Friday, October 9, 2009


Another weekend has arrived, well at least it has for me. I have today off work as well as Monday for Columbus Day. Again I have to go to St. Louis to help my dad out. I got his car fixed so I have to take him to get it (then he wont be out of transportation). I still have to help him get rid of the rest of the stuff in his house so we can get some more cash to help him out with the move and transition to my small town.

I've also been working alot on gettin this site to be fully wordpress integrated so I can start getting some feedback, and start holding real discussions one real topics of interest.

Todays topic of interest is ink. I've been getting tattooed this past year as you may or may not know. I have 3 so far, and hope to have 9 by the end of the year (9 for 2009 in which I am quickly running out of time). I have a lot or ideas, and a bunch of photoshop edits of images that I like. I'm thinking the 9 may just turn into a sleeve on my left arm..which would be fine by me, I mean, why not? I never really been into tats as much as I am now, but let me tell ya (for those that dont have any yet) Once you go under the buzzing needle, you cant wait to go back. And this is probably because of a lot of reasons. Why get graffiti all over your body (as some would say may be desecration of the body the temple), well that's easy. If you appreciate good art, and you see the human body as a blank easel, then getting tattooed just gives you the excuse to always look at good art, and as such, looking for the right design by researching thousands of images that interest you can be half of the enjoyment of getting ink put under your skin. Life is short, art is beautiful, the human body is beautiful, and a beautiful body with beautiful art can only be twice as beautiful. Not to mention its just plain fun. So do it! Get some ink! But beware it's addicting.

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