Thursday, April 29, 2010

Otaku Wormhole Online Store!!!

Now Open!!! The Otaku Wormhole Online Store!

Get all of your Otaku Wormhole gear and accessories here. Makes for great gifts and well just cool stuff to have laying around the house..LOL.. It's not really much as far as anime or real otaku gear goes, but it is my designs, and elements from this blog, and it does go to a good cause....MY ANIME ADDICTION!!!.. LOL. JKJKJK!!!... All of the items for sale have my designs but are put together by the website Cafe Press where you can also set up a shop. I've mainly put this together just to attempt to get back some of the proceeds that I've forked out over the years with web server costs, hard drives that I've filled with anime, and overall all of the time and effort I've spent telling others and introducing them to the true Otaku culture. And I mean that's a lot. I know I've spent way more supporting the anime industry than most people, but these days I've also got a family to support. So why not try and jump on the bandwagon before the wagon leaves, and try to make back a little cash to support a habit that I dont want to let get away from me due to finances. So no pressure tho, just have a look, if you see something you like, hit it up, and I might make a very small portion from the items sold (since Cafe Press makes like 99.85652% of it.. heh heh).

Here's some of the designs I've made for the gear. Hope you like them....I do.

Some of the items available are T-Shirts, Hats, Coffee Mugs, and Thong Underwear...(Yes! You heard me right! HAA HAA HAA HAA!!!!) Soo please help a brotha out and buy some shiz here... Otaku Wormhole Online Store!

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