Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Life Rant

I haven't updated in a bit just because I've been busy since getting back home from being deployed to Guam. At first I was severely jet-lagged and it took me a few days to get my body clock back on normal time. Then there was the submersion of getting back into the swing of things with the family and catching up on some much needed housework, chores, and projects that had gone unfinished since I had left. Now we're just getting ready for our new family addition to arrive and in the mean time theres still lots of preperation even for that. Overall as anyone who has a growing family will know there is always things to do and many things go undone. A man's, husbands, dads, and extreme otaku geeks job is never done. I'm off work for a little while (which is good) so I'm trying to attack as many of those previously mentioned projects as I can, while at the same time trying to not forget who and what I am....I am the Wormhole, and on top of that I am an Otaku. Which by very definition should really mean that since I work hard and play hard (well I try anyways but since I'm getting older I'm finding it a bit harder to play as hard as I once did) I am a responsible otaku and more accurately an otaku dad (which maybe I could have called this blog, but I didn't want it to sound like a few other blogs out there). I try to do all the 'normal' things a father is supposed to do to take care of his family, but at the same time, I try to stay true to my otaku origins. I love anime, robots, technology, beer, and toys, and did I mention beer (keep an eye peeled for Otaku Wormhole Ale which I will start home brewing as soon as time permits. I know it'll be good, and a reasonable beverage choice for any otaku of my caliber. haha). Well back to my landscaping, garden planting, baby room setting up, and upgrading my basement home theatre 'the otaku den', and about twelveteen other projects I've got goin.. be back soon.. I hope

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