Monday, February 15, 2010

Bloggy Blogg

Not much to talk about today.. i finally got my laptop all set up with the software that I'll be needing for awhile.. I'm going on a 2 month trip overseas and I'll need all the computer stuff I can take to help keep me occupied. I was testing out my Adobe Photoshop CS3 and made a lil update to my banner up top.. nothing too fancy just fun to mess around, only took me a few mins but still, at least i know that app works.

Oh I guess I could talk a little about my new doggy. I just got a new Pembrooke Welsh Corgi (looks just like Ein from Cowboy Bebop) and he's really cute. This would be my second Corgi and I actually named the first on Ein, and after he died I told myself I wouldn't ever get another dog, but the wife found this one through a friend that works at the local Humane Society and we just couldn't pass him up.. He actually looks more like Ein than my original Ein did, but even though they have slight differences, this new one really reminds me of the old one. So since I didn't feel like naming yet another Corgi Ein we racked our brains for about a day or two and couldn't really think of anything. So than we just blurted out names till he responded to one, and the one that worked the best was Rowlf, or Rolf, or Rolfie. But even though it's not the best name, he at least has one now.. He was just nuetured so when we got him home, the first day and a half he was walking around actin kinda dopey, but now he's getting all his energetic Corginess back in him.. and yes Corgi's are very unique in their manurisms and personality.. they do funny things sometimes for no apparent reason, but are just amusing. They are very smart, and I dont see this little guy being much of a problem training, he's only about 10-14 months old, but already acts pretty big for his age.. regardless, I can see him being a really good family pet and being with us for a long time. BTW his middle name is Ein..hahaha.. thats what my boy said, and since dogs dont usually have middle names, i thought whats the harm..., after all my son Logans middle name was based on a really good freind of mines who had passed away from a diabetic coma.. So I named my first sons middle name Vincent after my dearly departed friend.. So Rolf Ein Smith is my tribute to my first Corgi friend Ein in the same fashion.. I know, I'm weird.. LOL. Oh well. I'll post a pic of Rolf when I get around to actually taking one.. heh heh

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