Wednesday, February 17, 2010


So I'm leaving tomorrow.. for my work trip/military deployment/paid vacation to a small island in the south pacific.. known for it's WWII history it's a place with a nice strategic advantage for whatever situations may arise.. I'll be there for a whole whopping two months, seperated from my family, and well, getting paid. It's a good deal, but still a huge price to pay to just try and get some bills paid down.. Just when I've gotten used to playing in my finished basement I have to leave to go sleep next to another Airman and see the same people 24/7 for the duration. But oh well it could always be worse, and I know a good amount of people that are deployed currently to not soo great locations, and I'm going to remember that and think of them and their seperated families every time I crack open a beer on the beach while watchin the sun go down (or up if I'm working a night shift or something, just depends.. LOL).. But seriously I will be thinking of those folks and sending out some good vibes to them while being thankful for what I have, the job I do, and the job those real troops do for all of us and our freedom. Cheers!  

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