Thursday, February 4, 2010

My Dad

I took him to the ER on Monday, they had to put in a catheter and clean out his bladder cuz it was full of blood and clots causes from a few small cancerous spots. They did a procedure yesterday when they found the spots, and then soon after removed said spots, and he is now in recovery. May get out tomorrow or Saturday. His doc also told him that apparently at some point before he came into the hospital he must've had a small heart attack in which my dad was totally unaware or. Most likely from the stress of not being able to go to the restroom without seeing lots of blood. Either way, I think he'll be fine now, he's refusing to stay any longer than he has to and doesn't want to do any more testing. He thinks his heart is fine, and I pretty much believe him, mostly because he's been out hiking with his dog since my mom passed a year and a half ago. So I know he's been somewhat active for a 77yr old man.. we'll see how it all goes. Just one more reason I'm glad I moved him out to my town a few months back. Otherwise I would've had to drive 3 hours to get to him and who knows what could've happened in that amount of time..

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