Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Updates Smupdates

Where in the world have I been? Well you of all people should know. I'm right here, just busy as always. I've been watching Eden of the East and just started Sore No Woto (spelling).. Eden is a pretty intrigueing show and keeps me watching and impatiently awaiting the next episode (which at this point is the last episode) and then after finishing the series I can then move on to the movies as they are released. Its rather odd to here of an anime that only has like 11 episodes and then goes straight into have (I think 3 so far) movies made from it. But oh well, kinda a cool concept if you ask me.

I have realized that I must be some kind of closet shoppaholic, cuz I haven't really bought anything lately..namely electronics, toys, or other anime merch.....AND IT'S FREAKING KILLING ME!!!!!!
I need some more hard drives, cuz I'm running out of room on mine (and the lord knows I hate to delete data for fear that I may need it again someday).. I'd like a new projector (preferably one that's high def with capable 3D compatibility, but mostly just high def)... I really really really want a new smartphone... HTC Evo comes to mind from all my months of nagging leading up to its release and then now months after that looking into other alternatives such as the G2 or the Epic, or Vibrant....I'd also like to get some sort of new media home computer to hook directly up to my living room high def DLP tv.. so that I can stop using my laptop thru HDMI to stream Netflix, Hulu, Crackle, and a wide variety of other online tv (since we've recently had out Satelite TV shut off to save money (and also to keep the kids from getting addicted to silly Nick Jr and Sprout shows 24/7) and the same with out land telephone line which we really didn't need cuz we do have cell phones (even if our current carrier has really sucky coverage in my area (even with the cheesy GPS/Internet cell phone signal boosting device that they gave us for free in hopes of keeping us as customers, which really isn't working too well right now). But anyway, I know that this world is a material one, and that we are not supposed to dwell on such objects, but it's really hard when you have such an affliction as I do. My most recent purchase being a laptop (the one that I'm currently typing all this on) was bought back in Feb this year, and curbed my thirst for a bit (but it was mainly to replace my previous one which had died on me (and of course I was able to revive it about a month ago cuz I'm cool like that) and right before I had deployed to Guam for a few months and needed a skyping tool, so I got one with Bluray capability and the WiFis and the bigger GB's..haha. But now I want more and am being torn to bits by my own self consciousness, my wife, and my overwhelming sense of "gotta do whats right" but still is not that easy..... I really want to just get a new credit card and go crazy on, Tigerdirect,, and some new cell carrier just to quench my hunger for "things".. oh yah and I've got a kegerator for my bar recently and it needs parts too...oh and beer to go in it.. damn I've got issues.. LMAO!!!! fuck off!!!!!!!.. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! JKJKJKJKJKJKJK

Hows that for an update!!!

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