Wednesday, June 2, 2010

She's Here!!!

Oriana Mae Smith was born June 1st 2010 at 2241 (10:41PM for you non-military types) at 7lbs 11.8oz and 20 1/2 inches. She's definately a cutey tho, and has all her parts, and is healthy. She took to feeding right away too so that was good. After almost 3 nights in the hospital from being induced, and having very little progress, the docs finally threw in the towel and decided it best to do a c-section (even though I think we had decided on that event a few times during our long long stay here...uhg). But once they got everything goin, it went well, baby was born, I stayed with baby the whole time during all the nursery stuff (weight, measurement, first bath and such) and then finally went and met up with momma in recovery and then went to our final family birthing center destination the post partum room where momma got to feed baby for the first time.. and she was hungry all right.. haha.. Anyway thanks for following this whole amazing event.. there'll be a bit more before I move back into my otaku stuff, but thanks to everyone for all the warm wishes and for following on facebook and twitter and on here as I welcomed my latest otaku family addition.. Now I'm going to drive the hour home to take a nap, get the new baby girls big bro's, grandma, and cousin, and bring them back up here to meet their new lil sissy! :o)

Oh and pics to come soon also.. so look for those.. my connection is kinda slow and I'm waay too tired to do any uploading.. sorry.. ja ne!

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