Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Feeling refreshed now.. Just took my first shower in almost 2 days.. I know I know, that would be an Anime Con foul.. but this is def not an anime con! I've been just sitting on this couch blogging and reading manga and online stuff.. But I started to get that icky feeling around my ears and hair, and I dont want to be icky in case the new otaku baby comes.. So I decided to get all washed up..hahahaha. I know I know TMI!!! but I'm grabbin at straws for stuff to talk about.. Guess I could talk about how much I like the Gurren Lagann manga, or how I found Paradigm Shift on Facebook.. OK, I like the G.L. manga. So on to PS.
 Paradigm Shift (PS) is a web comic that I first learned about at Otakon in Baltimore. I was walking around the Artist Alley and stopped by Dirks table. Picked up a copy, looked at it, looked pretty interesting, started to chit chat with Dirk Tiede about where I was from. I mentioned St. Louis, and that started a whole other small convo about a pretty well known and decent college in Illinois, SIUE (Southern Ill University Edwardsville) where I in fact did not attend calss, but where I did in fact know quite a few St. Louis folk that did. I bought a copy of the first issue, had Dirk sign it, took it home, read it, liked it, and put if down not to return because of similar things goin on then that are going on right now (having and trying to raise children, whilst going through school and career changes). But now that I'm pretty much online all the time these days, with a great deal of my online time being dedicated to my otaku blog and my anime and manga and toy addiction. I felt it was only fair to share this lil story with all of you (all?), since I did in fact abandon Dirks little but now growing project. Anyway it's work like Mr. Tiede's and that of Fred Gallagher (of Megatokyo fame) that gives me inspiration to at some point start my own webmanga.. but since my art skills leave much to be desired due to lack of practice and things mentioned above, I'd almost consider letting someone else do the illustrations while I write the dialogue and story..if in fact anyone would be up to something like that? Heh Heh.. Well its almost time for more coffee.. but I wanted to give a shout out to Dirk for keeping it going and to say I'm sorry for not following closer, but as anyone knows, things happen and when you have as many hobbies and as busy a life as me, some thing just get shoved in a box somewhere or on shelf only to be dug up and dusted off at a later date to realize what you've had and what you've been missing. So Thanks Dirk! Keep up the good work man! I hope to follow in your footsteps someday.. Someday when I hope to have time.. LOL.
Ok I better see if the wife needs anything.. oh wait, she's resting now... time for the coffee and more reading.. maybe even catch up with the adventures of Kate and Mike of PS.. hmmm. :o)

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