Tuesday, July 27, 2010


OK! As you can tell by the banner I've changed the name of the blog.... I changed it back to what I always used and started as the basis for my interweb presence way back when (probably when most of you so-called otaku weren't even born yet.. and yes I am that old!). Anyway, I opened a little anime fan club site and called it Agent Anime, and that was also the name of my old anime club in St. Louis a long long time ago in a dimension far far away. Anywho..some old skool fans were giving me trouble about all the name changes I had gone through over the years, and dont even recognize me anymore.. (well so what if I am always having an identity crisis.. I cant ever decide on anything!). Oh well, so I've gone back to default.. I started out as Agent Anime, and I figured I'd go out that way.. so here it is. Some may call me Wormhole, some may call me Animehead, some may call me an Otaku, but I'll always be an Agent at heart.. So that's all I wanted to say for now.. thank you and have a nice day.. Heh

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