Thursday, January 7, 2010

Action Figure Thursday. Drossel

There are soo many figures out there that I want it makes me crazy when searching ebay and all the toy and anime sites trying to find the best price, especially when I know I have no money to even purchase said figures. So why do I torture myself so? I guess it's a hobby of mine to induce soo much frustration.. I been doing it for years, even when I was a kid looking at the toy adds in the sunday paper and the store catalogs around Christmas time and going thru them with a pen and putting check marks next to the things I wanted soo desperately, knowing damn well that I wouldn't get any of them because of my poor upbringing. But now that I'm old and think I can (and should be able to) get anything I want because I've worked for it, I still see how disfunctional and obsessive I've become when it comes to hobbies.. Anyway continueing from yesterdays topic of the Disney Anime Fireball. I would really like to see a Drossel fig on my fig shelf. In fact I want all of them, especially the Christmas looking one (winter package) on the Disney.JP website

I gotta get'em. harhaaahaaahaaaharrrrr.. (mad freaky laughter)


  1. Aw, I recall doing something like that in my childhood. And really, which anifan can resist being obsessive?

  2. I think sometimes its hard to choose only one figure. Lol

  3. @ Ningyo. I agree whole heartedly. Anime fandom and obsession come hand in hand. And it doesn't help that I have an addictive personallity as well.. take my tattoos for instance. lol
    @ phossil. You're right. Anime conventions are the worst also. Soo many figures and only a limited bank roll.. haha