Sunday, September 11, 2011


I'd gladly go back to that day and do everything over again if I thought that it would help change things forever. I would shoot those planes out of the sky if it would change the intentions for what they succeeded in doing. To lower the moral and hope for those attempting to lower ours as a free country I would bear arms and cut off anyones head to end things such as terrorism, racism, and fasciast communism. The war isn't with terror, it's with our own selves and the evil we can create within. There has to be way and I believe that fire is the only way out. You may not have to pass through the fires of hell in order to reach heaven, but nobody ever said things were supposed to be easy. I'd walk that line, just so that others will not have to. The innocent lives lost that day, unfortunately will not be the last, but we must remember. Because without something lost there will never be anything to gain.

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