Sunday, July 24, 2011

My New Cybersprocket

Well I did it, or at least started it. I went on over to my wordpress account (dont hate me google) and started using that for my writings. I'm going to just throw a little bit on there to start with and see what kind of reactions I get. For now. I'll probably add more to it here and there, but over all I'm going to keep writing on my own as much as I can until I have something worthwhile that maybe I could possibly publish one day. I really hope that I can publish someday, it would be a dream of mine come true.. well actually I had only thought about that possibility about a random 2-300 times before in my life, and mostly it dealt with creating comics and wanting to get them published. So anyway, jog on over to my wordpress and see for yourself, then come back here or check me on FB or twittie and let me know whats up. Word? Word..

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