Wednesday, March 28, 2012

To Ra Do Ra

A good anime to check out that I've just started watching is called Toradora. Its a neat little light hearted comedy, romance, drama anime about a guy in high school who has a legacy of being a rough and tumble bully from his father who apparently looked just like him and because of his rough looks, but he hates that fact because he is not at all what people think he is. He's actually a responsible young man who knows how to cook, clean, and is very generous and caring, which doesn't seem to affect everyone's opinion just based on his dads past who which he doesn't even know. He lives with his also very young and attractive mother who sleeps all day and works all night doing god knows what. Anyway he meets a girl who lives in a luxurious high rise apartment next door to his ramshackle house just below, and she has it in for him to be her slave to help her gain the attention of a mutual friend with whom she is deftly afraid to admit her true feelings for, while also he makes the same deal with her to help him get the attention and hopeful hookup with a mutual female friend that he's had his eyes set upon for some time. There is constant bickering back and forth with the two main characters which could almost lead one to speculate that they act almost as an old married couple or could possibly end up as just that and not just as odd friends with a common goal. But much is to be seen and how it all plays out keeps you on the edge of your seat. But beware, because this show will make you HUNGRY because there is always the cooking of some very appetizing food in every episode.. Enjoy!
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