Sunday, March 7, 2010

My Anime Shop (Agana Shopping Center - Guam)

Found this place here on Guam today.. Did a simple Google search and located it. Talked to the proprietor there and it seems that sadly the shop is closing at the end of the month..but there will be a Convention coming up here in Mid-May..but I unfortunately will not be able to that because I will be back with my loving family by then. Anyway the folks at My Anime Shop were very nice and informative (didn't get to speak to them in length because I was pressed for time to see a movie, but will be going back for a visit soon and will hopefully strike up some freindly and nicely intellectual anime conversations with them then) and will be making my way back there soon. So here's a snapshot I took to keep this in the archives of anime places I've visited all over the world. So if My Anime Shop in the Agana Shopping Center shuts down, it will always be open in my memories and will continue to live in my history and archives.. I recommend anyone who is in the area to go by and check them out soon, and grace them with your patronage, I'm sure they would appreciate it.. Ja Ne!!! ^_^


  1. i think it was replaced by Gamestop, or is it on the SM side ?

  2. the anime shop is no longer there in agana?? where is it located now??

  3. MacTech has some Anime stuff. They are located across cha time and port of mocha in agana shopping center.