Thursday, December 31, 2009

Testing my mobile blogger device

Happy New Year.. I'll be tracking my new years eve from my mobile device.. Right now I'm sitting on the coach watching Terror of Mechagodzilla with Logan and all of our Build a Bear Dino buddies after a failed attempt to play Chutes and Ladders.. ,momma got sent out for chinese and the Godzilla Unleashed game for Wii, I plan on drinkin some beer and hopefully playin Wii tonight while waiting for the ball to drop in NY.. Fun fun


  1. Hey Matty. That all sounds animastic! (What ever that is.) Went to see Avatar the other day and it was brilliant. I love that sort of sci-fi so it was right up my alley. I hope you get to see it.


  2. i really do want to see it steve, i know the animation in it is sposed to be top notch..can't wait!