Monday, April 11, 2011

Where do we go now???

Ok, so here I am perusing a bunch of anime blogs out there, I'm away from home on work related travel, I've got massive amounts of homework to do, and I can't sleep. So what do I do? I decide to blog. I know I'm rather hit-r-miss with my updates so I've decided to write about some things that are really not pertinent to my everyday life. Maybe as a form of expression, escape, or just curiosity. I've had a rather odd but lengthy web pressence for a very long time, with pretty much the only fan being myself, but I am faced with trying to reduce, drop, or compile all of my web junk (sites, profiles, etc). So what do I do? I started my ultra not famous web archiving back at the end 2001/beginning of 2002 with a little site called Agent Anime (much like the name of this blog) and here is pretty much where it all started with the blog-like archives (well actually I had a really old yahoo web site before that called the Anime Room or something to that effect but I'm sure that has been long dead). After I had started the Agent Anime Fan Club I kept the archiving going for a good long while informing club members of events and just rambling at times, then I had decided at one point to actually make an actual blog and name it after the site that was once an anime fan club a few years back, but that wasn't working out too well, I just couldn't get the hang of all that coding and what-not. So I decided to just make a home page to somewhat confluence all of those previous projects here (since really I just have trouble throwing anything away...yes I'm a packrat) and all I really did with that was replace the original sites main/index page and then have links to the other projects.. oh and on that page there is a link to some old portfolio school project that I had made for, 'you guessed it!' a school project.. The portfolio was rather lame and I rarely ever go there, I guess I could delete that and it wouldn't be much of a loss but oh well. So anyway, here I am now with yet even more unfinished or ongoing projects and I need to either delete them or compile them like I've done before.. or just say screw it and keep this blogspot one going and maybe delete everything else and just use my actual domain name for this bloggy blog. Or find another alternative.. Any ideas? Either way, did I mention I have a lot of school work and that I'm on travel away from my family? It sucks and I miss them, but at least I'm sorta catching up on homework without my little rat-weasel's interrupting me every 5 seconds or waking me up at 5AM every morning, but still. I was just wondering what I should do about all this webstuff because it's been kinda bothering me for awhile. Hope you enjoy the little chibi K-ON characters above, it has nothing to do with this post, but I thought it was a cute image and it's a great anime show that I've been watching.. Think I'll make a K-ON banner.. LOL

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